Liveaboard Diving in Crystal Rock

What To Expect On A Crystal Rock Liveaboard

Crystal Rock is renown as one of the finest dive sites in Komodo National Park close to Flores Island, making it a very popular site for diving liveaboards in Indonesia. The site is to the North of the island of Gili Lawa Laut, one of the small islets that sit at this end of Komodo Island. The area is full of beautiful sweeping bays with crystal clear water and green sloping hills. These islands are volcanic like most of Komodo and the underwater topography consists of volcanic rocks and some jet black sand.

Crystal Rock is one of many underwater sea mounts that can be found scattered around the island’s coast. These sea mounts are ideal for diving with a wide array of life and the topography is beautiful. The Crystal Rock sea mount is covered in hard and soft corals, with a host of critters living inside them. The change of the depth of the sea around the islands, mean that the currents across the sea mount can be very strong.

It is very important to stay close to the guide on this site and this isn’t really a dive for beginners. The payoff is well worth it though, the visibility can be spectacular sometimes more than 30 meters and the wildlife on show across the reef is simply stunning.

What You Can See

Numerous Komodo liveaboards that visit Crystal Rock are available and there is something for all kinds of divers here. The top of the sea mount is caked with hard and soft corals which are full to the brim with morays, lionfish and hundreds of tiny critters.  Huge shoals of trevally and snappers can be found all over, as well as some octopi and cuttlefish. Up above the reef and over the side in the blue there are curious batfish that might pop in to check divers out. Turtles can also be spotted feeding over the reef, the most common turtles found here are hawksbills.

Crystal Rock is also well known as a site for shark diving so you have a good chance of diving with several different kinds here. If you keep an eye out, you might also spot the tails of white tipped reef sharks sticking out of small caves. They can also be seen on the sand and swimming about on the reef, along with blacktips, grey reef sharks and giant napoleon wrasse.

Getting to Crystal Rock

The northern tip of Komodo Island where Crystal Rock is, can be accessed from various ports of departure. By far the best way to visit Komodo and Crystal Rock is on board a diving liveaboard. Komodo liveaboards can spend a few days in Gili Lawa Laut and the surrounding islands the stunning bays make for a beautiful and relaxing stay.

There are various types of diving Indonesian liveaboards available, to suit the different needs and budgets of divers who want to explore Komodo. There are luxurious motor vessels, these are custom designed for diving and a very comfortable stay on board. The most popular liveaboards for dive cruises in this area though, are traditional Indonesian sailing vessels. These beautiful luxurious boats are one of the most relaxed and enjoyable ways to visit Crystal Rock.

Most diving liveaboards depart from Labuan Bajo on Flores island. There are also a number of diving liveaboards that depart from Bali which often disembark in Flores at Labuan Bajo. Getting to Bali is fairly easy, Bali Airport offers flight from many international destinations and connecting flights to Labuan Bajo.

Crystal Rock Diving Reviews

  • 9.2 Superb
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  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Diana N
  • Deutschland Deutschland

Große Vielfalt an Klein- und Großfischen, incl. Haie, verschiedene Drückerfische und Einhornfische

Diving Crystal Rock in Oktober on the La Unua

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Yves B
  • Schweiz Schweiz

Super Tauchgang! Sehr viele Haie und Fischschwärme. Nur für geübte Taucher zu empfehlen

Diving Crystal Rock in August on the Dragon Dive Komodo

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Stephan H
  • Schweiz Schweiz

Der Wahnsinn, so was Schönes hab ich noch selten gesehen. Ich hab mir echt kurz überlegt ob ich "Narkotisiert bin", aber das war von der Tiefe ausgeschlossen, die Farben sind echt so toll und es gibt da echt so viel zu sehen

Diving Crystal Rock in Mai on the Akomo Isseki

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