Liveaboard Diving in Exuma Cays

What To Expect On An Exuma Cays Liveaboard

A chain of 365 islands, also known as Cays, surrounded by sapphire blue waters and untouched beaches is what makes up the Exuma Cays. This string of islands in the Bahamas only stretches 209 km (130 mi) and starts just 55km (35 mi) under the capital city of Nassau. These islands are only populated by 7400 people, meaning a lot of privacy and a lot of untouched nature; the perfect recipe for a great experience. There is a high abundance of marine life, including all the species of sea turtles which you can see throughout the year, along with eagle rays, dolphins, reef sharks and seahorses. November through to February heightens the chance of seeing humpback whales and hammerhead sharks. Due to the extreme lack of run off into the water, the visibility is great all year round.

The most famous dive area is the Exuma Land and Sea Park, it is one of the National Park and Protected Areas managed by the Bahamas National Trust, meaning protecting their environment is a priority for them. There you will have the chance to dive along underwater walls, flourishing and untouched reefs and last but not least; sharks. They have dive sites of multiple depths so divers can enjoy a scuba experience here. With its protection, it is a kind of environment you won't find in many other places.

One of the most popular dive sites within the Land and Sea Park is Jeep Reef. It has one of the healthiest and most colourful reefs you will ever see. There is a constant current flowing over it which aids the coral in staying healthy, which then also results in a high population of fish. It's trademark is the coral encrusted jeep that is situated by the reef.

While in the Exuma Cays you will have the chance to visit multiple dive sites, each with their own unique experience. There are a few dive sites which consist of beautiful, thriving sea walls such as the Whale Tail Wall, where eagle rays are often spotted and Pillar Wall, which begins at 12 metres (40') and drops down more than 100m (333'), especially great for deep divers.

There is also a wreck you can dive around; the Austin Smith Wreck, lying down at 18 m (60') and is about 25m (82') long and after being down there for 21 years, its misfortune has created a spectacular dive site. If you seek even more excitement then you will find this at The Washing Machine, a place where the tide can literally make you tumble around, if you wish. If you would rather watch from the sidelines it still has an impressive reef teeming with life. When it comes to reefs, the Amberjack Reef, another site, is a small patch of reef that is incredibly alive, you will be surrounded by thousands of fish and there are multiple reefs shark that call that patch their home.

Another unique experience that the Exuma Cays provide is the chance to dive in a blue hole, as this is quite close to Nassau it can be done either at the beginning or the very end of the trip. This dive site is named the Lost Blue Hole. The hole itself is 60 metres (196') deep, with numerous levels of excitement. The rim lies at 12m (40') which is inhabited by endless corals, stingrays a schools of fish. At 24m (80') there is a lobster filled crevice and during the spring months blacknose sharks inhabit the holes deepest level.

These are just a few dive sites a Bahamas liveaboard could visit, there are many more, each with something special to offer. Many of the sites you will visit are only accessible by liveaboards, which eliminates it being overcrowded, a big plus.

Itinerary Details

The length of the liveaboard itinerary, which visit the Exuma Cays, is usually 8 days, 7 nights, with the departure being from capital city Nassau. The prices start from US$300 a day, however, this price could exclude things such as gear rental which starts from around US$175 extra for the entire trip, insurance, which is something that is highly recommended everyone get before joining the liveaboard and lastly if you choose to use Nitrox then this will also come as an extra cost, please always check the specifics as they can vary. At the moment a liveaboard goes out to the Exuma Cays multiple times a month, all year round. The amount of people onboard may vary, however, this is usually around 15 people.

Divers are required to have their Open Water certificates, but apart from that all levels are welcome. The staff onboard are all trained professionals whose main priority is safety and enjoyment, you will always receive a safety briefing before each dive, followed by what we hope to be an exciting and fulfilling dive. You will be offered luxurious and comfortable accommodation onboard, with a professional and experienced crew. You will boing approximately 5 dives a day (including night dives) and in between these you will served food from an international cuisine with beverages constantly available.


Best Time To Travel

Diving in the Exuma Cays is possible all year round. Each season provides divers with a different kind of diving experience. When it comes to temperatures and diving conditions, they vary but not to extremes that would prevent anyone from getting into the water. November commences the winter weather, bringing in cold fronts from time to time. Mostly these are mild though. The waters around this time are around 25-26 degrees Celsius (77-80 degrees Fahrenheit) so even though it is winter, they are still pleasant temperatures. The summer months, June to September, have the best conditions with waters being around 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit). The riskiest month for storms is August, however, they are not at all frequent.

Liveaboard Departures

The departure city for Bahamas liveaboards that visit the Exuma Cays is the capital city of Nassau. There they have an international airport; Lynden Pindling International airport, which is the easiest port of entry into the Bahamas. The main dock on Nassau is the Prince George Wharf. The Exuma Cays start only 55km south of Nassau, so it is not a long trip to get there.

To get a taster of the diving world of the Bahamas, Nassau and its neighboring island of Paradise Island provide numerous opportunities. Some including ship wrecks, one dive site also has a large Blue Hole and you can visit the humorously names 'Fish Hotel' dive site which has an abundance of large schools of fish. Their sites are of all different depths so any divers can go exploring there.

Exuma Cays Diving Reviews

  • 9.0 Superb
  • 9 Verified Reviews
  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Quinn B
  • United States United States

I had an incredible experience! Warm clear water, great visibility, awesome walls, plentiful sea life.

Diving Exuma Cays in August on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 7.6 Good
  • thomas W
  • Denmark Denmark

Lots of excellent wall dives and swimthroughs. The coral was diverse and colourful. Marine life excellent even though we went in “low shark season”

Diving Exuma Cays in August on the Blackbeards Sea Explorer

  • 9.2 Superb
  • Hugo L
  • Canada Canada

The exuma cays was à great place with a colourful coral reefs

Diving Exuma Cays in April on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Xiaoge F
  • China China

Crystal clear water, great variety of marine lives, both shallow and deep dive sites are beautiful

Diving Exuma Cays in March on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Vinicius S
  • Brazil Brazil

Good diving, good visibility.

Diving Exuma Cays in February on the Aqua Cat

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Sarah R
  • United States United States

The walls and swim throughs here were outstanding.

Diving Exuma Cays in December on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 8.4 Very good
  • Stephen Z
  • United States United States

Beautiful conditions with a variety of sealife.

Diving Exuma Cays in January on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Vania C
  • Brazil Brazil

Wonderful sites, lots of marine life.

Diving Exuma Cays in November on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 7.6 Good
  • Anthony C
  • United States United States

Diving Exuma Cays was good. I'm comparing it to diving at Cozumel and the Galapagos, so there is a high bar for expectations.

Diving Exuma Cays in April on the Bahamas Aggressor