Adventure Cruises in The Sisters

Only accessible by boat The Sisters Islands Seychelles are two of the quieter islands in the archipelago. Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur are close to the larger Praslin Island which is only 9 km away. The islands are privately owned by the Chateau de Feuilles Hotel which can be found on the coast of Praslin. Although they are owned and managed by this group for their guests, the island is open to visitors during the week and is a great place to stop off on a cruise. The islands are uninhabited and normally only have a few visitors on their peaceful white sand beaches as well as their small forest which is home to Giant Tortoises.

Top things to do and see in The Sisters Islands

Grand Soeur is a great spot for those who want to relax on deserted white sandy beaches and walk through the lush forests. Wildlife lovers will find the Giant Tortoises in the forested areas as well as a large coral reef off the shore. Turtles are commonly seen here as well as plenty of tropical fish and corals. Grand Soeur has recently had a few exclusive villas built by the hotel which manages the islands but other than this visiting groups will often find themselves alone on the island.

Petite Soeur, the small sister is completely uninhabited with only quiet beaches and a small tropical forest. The snorkelling is excellent with calm waters, coral reef and the occasional turtle. Petite Soeur is a great place for leisurely hiking and wildlife spotting in the forested areas. The beach is also very quiet meaning you are often one of only a handful of people on the island. This beach and the small granite outcrops are ideal for photography as well with some great ocean panoramas.

The Sisters are a well known spot for watersports with diving and snorkelling some of the main activities on the islands. Paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing are also very popular thanks to the excellent waters and great weather conditions. Many Seychelles cruises also take guests onto The Sisters to watch the evening sunset which is spectacular and makes for some great photo opportunities. Some of the cruises include an evening barbeque with fresh fish other local produce out on the beach.

Top Tips for visiting The Sisters Islands

  • Photographers, both wildlife and landscape, will find some great subjects on Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur so make sure to take your camera.
  • Good waterproof shoes are also a good idea if you plan on walking around in the forested area and a waterproof jacket is also wise in case of a sudden tropical shower.
  • When you visit the Seychelles everyone will tell you that sun cream is a must especially if you intend on catching some sunshine on the beautiful beaches.
  • The weather in the Seychelles is very warm although cool breezes can make the temperature deceptive.
  • Although most cruises provide snorkelling equipment for guests keen snorkelers may also want to bring their own masks and fins. This ensures you will be comfortable while you while away the hours with the fish and turtles.

Best time to cruise The Sisters Islands

Many people visit The Sisters Islands in the Spring, March and May or September through November for diving and snorkelling. These periods are when the sea conditions are at their best and there are lots of turtles especially around September when the hawksbills are migrating to their nesting sites. This period of very calm seas is also a great time for stand up paddleboarding which is a popular sport around these islands.

For those who are looking to go walking and wildlife watching, the best time to visit The Sisters Islands is May to September when the cool winds make it ideal conditions for hiking. This is also a good time to go sailing and windsurfing when the winds are cool and prevailing. If you are planning to visit The Sisters Islands during a seasonal holiday period or a peak period for your chosen activity it is wise to plan ahead as spaces on cruises can be limited.

Where do The Sisters Islands cruises depart from?

The Sisters Islands are in the Inner Seychelles and most cruises that visit these islands depart from the Port of Victoria. This is particularly convenient since the only international airport for the Seychelles archipelago is in Victoria as well. Reaching Victoria airport is possible through connections in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and sometimes through Doha in Qatar.

The port is only a short taxi drive from the airport although it is a good idea to arrive a few days before your cruise departs in case of delays. There are also a few cruise trips in Seychelles which depart from Praslin, Praslin can be easily accessed by domestic flight, which is only around fifteen to twenty minutes long or by ferry from Port Victoria.

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