Galatea Seychelles

Collage of MV Galatea Seychelles
MV Galatea Seychelles from all angles

The MV Galatea is a fine example of the mixture of the peaceful island vibe and luxury that draws so many people to the Seychelles. This beautiful thirty-meter sailing yacht was renovated in style in 2013 and offers a comfortable and traditional sailing and diving experience for both divers and non-divers. The MV Galatea cruises around the inner and outer islands of the Seychelles where divers can enjoy crystal clear waters and pristine reefs brimming with life.

The M/V Galatea may be a sailing boat but it has been perfectly redressed as a diving vessel with a sizeable dive platform, an on-board compressor and ample storage area. The ship’s tender boat can take divers to the more secluded spots for some spectacular reef dives where yours will sometimes be the only group around.

Aboard, the cabins are both spacious and stylish with ensuite bathrooms and plenty of space for personal storage. Up on deck, guests can enjoy a comfortable solarium for catching the plentiful sunshine in the Seychelles. The crew also offer relaxing yoga sessions for guests outside. This is just one of the non-diving activities offered aboard the MV Galatea, which include kayaking, fishing and snorkelling around the coastline.

For family groups and clubs who want to charter a boat for their trip, the MV Galatea is a perfect choice. Chartering the Galatea offers more flexibility for your group and several non-diving activities for groups and families. Outside of the peak diving season the MV Galatea also offers family cruises with lots of fun activities and excursions.

About the Destination

MV Galatea Seychelles activities
Activities aboard the MV Galatea Seychelles

The Seychelles are a vibrant collection of small islands in an enviable position in the Indian Ocean. Tranquil white sand beaches, lush forests and warm clear waters make it a haven for anyone looking to get away from it all and relax into the island vibe. The Inner Seychelles are home to small port towns and stunning beaches, popular with the glamorous crowd. Underwater, the inner reefs are home to a huge range of reef life, fish and critters galore as well as plenty of sea turtles.  

The outer islands, on the other hand, are uninhabited and only accessible on a boat trip. These quiet, remote little islands are brimming with wildlife both above and below the water. The diving is understandably fantastic with rich fringing coral reefs and stunning drop-offs. Divers can spot the bigger life around here with mantas, oceanic whitetips and even mammoth whale sharks cruising by.

About the Staff

The dedicated crew of the MV Galatea consists of seven members including a full-time chef and two hostesses to make sure the guests are taken care of in style. The on-board diving instructor guides the dives while the hostesses help to arrange the non-diving activities to offer the best service for everyone on board.

Food on Board

As you might expect with a dedicated chef on board the MV Galatea offers a fantastic range of meals. Prepared with fresh local ingredients from the islands, the meals are fine dining with a local touch. Spending so much time at sea it comes as no surprise that seafood is a speciality aboard the MV Galatea.

Guests can enjoy their meals in the traditional salon but there is nothing quite like alfresco dining up on the deck. A beautiful wooden table allows those on board to enjoy their meal along with those glorious Seychelles sunsets.