Snorkeling Maldives

Snorkeling in the Maldives

Snorkeling in the Maldives will offer you many opportunities to enjoy incredible reefs often voted some of the best in the world. Situated in the Indian Ocean the Maldives are a set of islands that are encircled by reefs. Snorkeling Maldives is truly a magnificent experience due to the beauty of the reefs on offer and also a wide array of marine species including the bigger pelagics. Enjoy the snorkeling here in blue lagoons, over incredible reefs and in a tropical heat that will keep you warm throughout the day.

The importance of the Maldives in history stems from the uses of cowry shells as currency in most of Asia as currency. The islands here were rich with this currency from the underwater world and became a hot spot for countries like India to trade. During the colonial era the Maldives changed hands through Portuguese, French and British and it was not until the 20th century that the country gained its independence as a fully self-governed country. Due to it's shallow sand bank islands the Maldives underwater experience is being affected by the rising sea levels worldwide and so any opportunity to see the Maldives now is a must. The snorkeling here is incredible and not to be missed.

Marine Life In Maldives

When taking a snorkel tour in the Maldives you will be granted the opportunity to enjoy the vast variety of marine species in these waters. As well as the 70 different coral species, you can treat yourself here to the underwater delights of 700 species of fish whilst on your snorkel trip to Maldives. Big fish are an incredible draw for snorkellers here: mantas, sharks, whale sharks and octopus are some of the larger beauties to spot whilst in the Maldives.

Best Snorkel Sites in Maldives

Ari Atoll - Cleaning station hotspots, plankton rich waters that draw in the whale sharks and marine protected coral reefs to set your eyes. This snorkel site in the Maldives really has a lot on offer. There are sites here in close proximity to schooling hammerhead sharks so the opportunities to see these unique creatures here are available. This area is a site for potential manta and shark sightings too.

North Male Atoll - Characterised by reefs snorkel spots in this area are commonly good for fish action and large pelagics like reef sharks and mantas. Here you will enjoy some of the best coral reefs on offer in the Maldives; pristine and colourful these bright corals are some of the most amazing in the world. At Manta Point you have the opportunity to watch the cleaning station action as these majestic giants come to be cleaned alongside reef sharks, octopus, moray eel and white-tip reef sharks.

South Male Atoll - This is one of the best snorkel sites in the Maldives for big pelagic fish, massive schools of fish and soft corals. This is considered one of the best liveaboard snorkel trip sites.

Best Time To Snorkel in Maldives

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Liveaboards to take you snorkeling in Maldives from December to May during which time the seas here are at their calmest. You will be treated to visibility of 15 - 30 metres in the Maldives. Manta season in the Maldives peaks at around August to November.

WATER TEMPERATURES: The water temperature in the Maldives is constantly between 26 and 29 degrees celsius.

How Do I Get To Maldives?

International airlines fly into the Male airport on Huhule island. From here get the the port on Male with local transport or Baa port for most liveaboard departures. Check your departure port before you leave. Transport between islands in the Maldives can be arranged on speedboats online before you travel.