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Originally founded in 1983 as the first annual scientific research expedition to Svalbard in Arctic Norway, this was one of the early expeditions where tourists could encounter the delights of the Arctic region. In 1993 the group was taken on by Oceanwide Expeditions and built into a fleet of ice-strengthened ships taking guests to the remote and beautiful Arctic and Antarctic regions. Since starting out, Oceanwide Expeditions have expanded out to offer expeditions to not only the Arctic circle but also the Antarctic, Falklands and some of the most remote spots in the Polar regions.

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Why Book an Oceanwide Expeditions Cruise

Oceanwide cruises are specially designed for travelers who are hoping to get off the map and see some of the most remote and extraordinary places in the world. Whether your passion is for special wildlife encounters with polar bears and penguins or a trip back in time to see Shackleton’s Antarctic hut, Oceanwide Expeditions cover the full range of Polar experiences. They have the equipment and vessels to reach places that most cruises can only dream of. In addition to specially refitted ice ships, they use helicopters, zodiacs, kayaks and scuba equipment to take their expedition groups to some of the most remote and stunning parts of the Polar regions. Oceanwide is one of the most experienced groups offering small ship cruises to the Polar regions. Their local knowledge and contacts with people living and working in these remote places offers their guests the very best and unique experiences.

Oceanwide Expeditions Fleet of Small Ship Cruises


A historic three-masted schooner, the Noorderlicht was renovated for Arctic expeditions by Oceanwide Expeditions Cruises. The sailing ship can take up to 20 passengers in twin bunk cabins with hatches or portholes. The Noorderlicht’s expeditions offer daily onshore trips to take in the wildlife and topography of remote northern Norway.


Once a Russian scientific research ship, the Ortelius was transformed into a comfortable cruise ship on the inside. However, it still has the tough exterior to face serious polar conditions. The ship can take up to 123 passengers on some of the best Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.


Built as an oceanographic research vessel, the ice-strengthened M/V Plancius was refitted in 2009. The ship was rebuilt as an expedition vessel with 53 comfortable cabins for up to 116 passengers. The ship offers a range of cabin options with quad bunks, doubles, and twin rooms available. The small cruise ship takes groups on daily land excursions to some of the highlights of the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Rembrandt van Rijn

Originally built as a herring ship in the early 20th Century, the Rembrandt van Rijn has been completely refitted as a luxury passenger sailboat. This impressive three-masted ship can take up to 33 passengers in twin or triple ensuite cabins on a true Arctic adventure.


The M/V Hondius is one of Oceanwide cruises most environmentally friendly vessels, exceeding all of the requirements for Polar class vessels, and perfect for those hoping to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. The ship can take up to 174 passengers in 82 cabins. There is a wide range of cabins available, from quad and triple bunk rooms to private doubles and suites with private balconies.

Areas the Oceanwide Expeditions Cruise Fleet Covers

Oceanwide Expeditions covers a substantial portion of the Arctic and Antarctic as a destination specialist for the Polar regions. Trips to the north cover whale watching in northern Norway, including polar bears and other wildlife-watching trips to Svalbard. The frozen shores of Greenland are also a popular expedition with chances of seeing polar bears, whales, and spectacular scenery. For those looking for a blend of unique wildlife, the Northern Lights, and rich cultural experiences, Oceanwide offer itineraries in Iceland for whale and bird watching and hiking.

In the Antarctic region, Oceanwide cruises offer some of their most remote and thrilling expeditions into the Antarctic circle. They also offer expeditions to remote spots such as the huts of famous polar explorers Scott and Shackelton. For wildlife lovers and photographers, Oceanwide has cruises around the Falklands, South Georgia, and the South Shetland and Orkney Islands. These cruises are an opportunity to see penguins, fur, and Weddell seals.