Sea Bird, Seychelles - New Addition to our Small Cruise Ship inventory

Published on by Rui Feliciano

The Sea Bird Small Cruise Ship, in Seychelles
The Sea Bird Small Cruise Ship, in Seychelles - a new addition to our inventory.

One of the latest additions to our inventory, the Sea Bird is a 42mtr/137ft long, two-masted schooner offering small ship cruises in Seychelles. She is a comfortable and stylish small ship cruise that offers exceptional Creole cuisine with influences from around the globe. There is a range of activities available onboard, from water activities like snorkeling and kayaking to bottom-line fishing. The Sea Bird's itineraries include visits to iconic places like Praslin Island, The Sisters islands, and La Digue. Guests of the Sea Bird also get to explore stunning nature reserves and encounter rare species such as the Magpie Robin or the giant tortoise. Despite the Sea Bird being a small cruise ship, there is a diving instructor on board, ready to introduce guests to the underwater beauty of Seychelles.

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