Navila takes guests on fun-filled adventure cruises in Indonesia

Published on by Rui Feliciano

The Navila phinisi adventure cruise in Komodo Island, Indonesia
The Navila is a traditional phinisi taking guests on an adventure around Komodo Island.

The Navila is a small ship adventure cruise that takes guests around Komodo Island in Indonesia. The ship was designed by an avid sailor and adventurer and built by South Sulawesi boat builders. On board, guests can relax and enjoy the scenery, paddleboard, or take part in a variety of activities such as karaoke or BBQ night. The naturalist guide onboard is also available to share knowledge about the local wildlife. After a long day of exploring, guests can enjoy the onboard massage service. The Navila offers a unique way to experience all that Komodo Island has to offer.

The 3-4-day adventure cruise itineraries take guests to some of Indonesia's most beautiful islands, where they can enjoy snorkeling, and trekking, and still have plenty of time to play on the beach. From trekking on Kelor Island and snorkeling at Manjarite Island to watching the sunset at Kalong Island. Catch a sunrise at Padar Island before heading to Pink Beach. Guests will also have the chance to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on Komodo Island and end the day with a swim at Taka Makasar beach. Lastly, guests will find manta rays at Manta Point, snorkel at Siaba and Sebayur Islands, and finish up with a snorkeling and beach day at Kanawa Island. So pack your bags and get ready for an epic small ship cruise adventure!

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