Kona Aggressor II: Out of commission

Kona Aggressor II
The Kona Aggressor II in better days

Published February 16, 2022

Sad news coming out of Hawaii this month. Following a major overhaul of the topside of the liveaboard vessel Kona Aggressor II, the ship was sent to a shipyard in Honolulu for some final repairs to the hull before the yacht could be put back into service. Unfortunately, the aluminum inspection exposed extensive problems with the ship’s structure. Since repairing this would drive up the costs of the refurbishment to the point of the investment rendering commercial operations unprofitable, the owner of the Kona Aggressor II yacht decided to pull the plug, effective immediately.

The removal of the Kona Aggressor II from the liveaboard stage not only means Aggressor Adventures will have to make do without one of its more popular vessels; it also means there are currently no active dive cruise boats available in the Hawaiian area..

So, where to go instead?

If you would like to stay in the Pacific and don’t mind venturing out more south, check out these amazing alternatives:


How about instead of one “Big Island”, you get 333 breathtaking isles in return? That’s right, Fiji is our number one on the list for the Pacific. Dubbed by Jacques Cousteau as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, this destination is most definitely worth your consideration as far as we’re concerned. Read more »


With only half of its 118 islands inhabited combined with its remote location, you can be sure the waters of Polynesia will be practically devoid of divers, and its underwater environment virtually untouched by mobs of tourists. But don’t take our word for it; check it out yourself! Read more »


Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, Micronesia has it all: wrecks, coral gardens, plunging walls, drop-offs, and mesmerizing marine life in all shapes and sizes. And that’s not even mentioning the idyllic spots above sea level. All in all, a solid contender. Read more »

Rather stay a bit closer to the US? We got you covered.


Did someone say “sharks”? The waters around Mexico are the places to be for encountering large pelagics. That means all sorts of sharks, Humpback whales, dolphins, and massive amounts of manta rays. And there’s some sweet colorful reef to see, too. Read more »

The Bahamas

Last but not least, there’s the lovely Bahamas, eagerly waiting for you in the western Atlantic Ocean. Consisting of 700 something islands, the archipelago offers all sorts of underwater goodies. Wrecks, thriving wildlife, caves, walls, coral gardens.. the list goes on and on. You have to see it to believe it, to be honest. Read more »

Still not sure where to go, or need more information about these destinations? Contact our team of dive-savvy employees with your wishes and we will gladly assist!