Aggressor Adventures Inventory Updates in early 2022

Published on by R. van Beers

Cayman Aggressor IV
Back soon: the Cayman Aggressor IV

Following the waning of the pandemic, Aggressor is apparently all-in on preparing to service the guaranteed hordes of dive-starved customers coming in over the next few months. It seems like every week we get an update about another remodel, move or new partnership from them. Here's what's up for Q1 of 2022 (so far!).


The Almonda, as the Red Sea Aggressor III is actually named, has been removed from the Aggressor liveaboard fleet inventory. It will be replaced in the coming weeks by the Hammerhead II; a relatively new player which started its operations as recently as October 2019 and has been on the website under that name for a while now.

This update comes hot on the heels of last months news that Aggressor Adventures partnered up with another Red Sea dive boat, the Royal Evolution, and dubbing it the Red Sea RE Aggressor. Looks like the Red Sea is where it’s at in 2022 as far as Aggressor is concerned!

The Caribbean

U.S. favorite Cayman Aggressor V will be packing up and moving its operations to the British Virgin Islands, and will aptly be renamed to “BVI Aggressor” as a result. (Though we reckon quite a few will eventually call it the Virgin Islands Aggressor instead.) The move is planned to be finalized as of May 7th of this year, and tours are already available. No announcement has been made about any new ships replacing it. No need to fret though, since the Cayman Aggressor IV is currently undergoing a complete remodeling and is on track to be operating around the Caymans once again starting this July 2nd.

So, where will you go in 2022? If you need any assistence with making a decision, just reach out; we're happy to help!