Gemini Explorer - a unique adventure cruise in Scotland

Published on by Rui Feliciano

Gemini Explorer Adventure Cruise in Scotland
Gemini Explorer - a unique adventure cruise in Scotland

The Gemini Explorer is a small cruise ship that offers scenic cruises around the west coast of Scotland. She is a converted lifeboat powered by two Gardner diesel engines and can achieve speeds of up to twelve knots, making her perfect for exploring the rugged coastlines, the beautiful sea lochs, and picturesque harbors of Scotland. One major highlight of a small cruise through the Hebrides and Argyll is the incredible sea birds and other wildlife in the area, such as dolphins, basking sharks, and puffins.

The skipper is passionate about boats, sailing, and the natural environment of the islands and sea lochs of the Hebrides and Argyll. He's more than happy to share his knowledge of the area with those on board while ensuring everyone has a good time.

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