Diving the Hawaiian Islands is most famous for its underwater landscape of caverns, lava tubes, walls, arches, reefs, bommies, and massive craters. Each island boasts pristine waters, unique dive sites, and abundant marine life. Maui's Puka Maui is renowned for its underwater archways and pinnacles. Here, divers will discover endangered monk seals, manta rays, turtles and humpback whales. Ni'ihau's gigantic sea arches and underwater caverns are a favorite of large pelagic fish and rare fish species. Liveaboard.com offers great itineraries on the best Hawaii liveaboards. A Hawaii diving cruise treats scuba divers to a euphoric night dive among the majestic manta rays off of Kona. Divers are awe struck as manta rays soar above their heads. Dive magazines around the world praise this night dive as one of the best and consider it a must do experience for serious dive enthusiasts. Molokini Crater is a most popular dive destination off the coast of Maui. Aboard a Hawaii sea safari scuba divers will encounter an amazing aquarium of luminous fish, eels, sharks and invertebrates. Depths range from 16-21 meters in the interior and more than 100 meters on the backside of the crater. Both novice and advanced divers will enjoy this site.