Diving in Micronesia

Micronesia scuba diving offers great visibility that unveils vibrant coral gardens amongst the coral encrusted WWII wrecks of Truk Lagoon. Giant manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and anemone fish are abundant. Alternatively, you can dive with non-stinging jellyfish in Palau at Jellyfish Lake.

Scuba diving in Micronesia offers up incredible underwater treasures. Whilst, on one hand, you have beautiful corals and underwater sights, when diving in Micronesia you also have the option of many WWII wrecks to enjoy. The diving in Micronesia gives an opportunity for many to have a dive trip of their lifetime. Micronesia is a set of many Pacific islands governed by America and spread in the western Pacific Ocean to the north of Papua New Guinea.

Each of the islands here has a small amount of land made up mostly of palm-fringed beaches. A simple desert island style backdrop for your dive spots. Your options for diving here encompass all divers' needs. Dive tours in Micronesia include options to see WWII wrecks, drift dive stunning walls, take in brilliantly coloured hard and soft corals and encounter some of the bigger species of the underwater world. Micronesia scuba diving will definitely leave you wanting more.

Diving in Micronesia FAQ

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  1. What marine life can I expect to see in Micronesia?
  2. What are the best dive sites in Micronesia?
  3. What's the best time to dive in Micronesia?
  4. What's the recommended experience level for diving in Micronesia?
  5. How do I get to Micronesia?

What marine life can I expect to see in Micronesia?

Dive sites in Micronesia will offer all sorts of marine life. The rare mandarin fish make their home here. The islands here are known as the homes of giant manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and anemone fish. The corals here are filled with tropical fish. A place of interest here is a lake filled with jellyfish that do not sting so these majestic creatures can be enjoyed by scuba divers swimming amongst them.

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What are the best dive sites in Micronesia?

Palau - One of the best known dives areas in Micronesia for adventurous divers. Palau is a set of 300+ islands to Micronesia's west. Drift currents, walls and incredible large fish on offer here. Mostly suited to experienced divers, Palau has lots on offer. Also, take in non-stinging jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake.

Chuuk/Truk lagoon - A sheltered set of islands strewn with WWII wrecks to enjoy. If you enjoy wreck diving this is the place to be. 77 square miles of WWII naval forces from Japan at the bottom of the sea and American airforce planes that were shot down by the Japanese. All have been left untouched since the battle here in 1944 that put them n the sea bed. One part of the world where a calm wreck dive can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Peleliu - This dive site in Micronesia is off the coast of Peleliu Island. The dive site is a wall that is great for drift diving. Experienced divers here can move along with the strong current whilst taking in everything big drift dives have to offer. Sharks, tuna, rays and barracuda are on the menu here whilst drifting along the wall. Also, check out the schools of sweetlips and jacks.

Jellyfish Lake - There are 70 marine lakes and coves of the coast of Koror to be explored but this one will offer something unique. As it says in its name this lake is full of millions of pulsing mastigias jellyfish. The sting of these jellyfish is so tiny that it does not cause any harm or pain to a human. This means you can swim in amongst these beautiful, majestic creatures relaxing and enjoying this spectacular sight.

Blue Corner - This dive site is extremely popular though it has plenty of reason to be. With all the other divers at this site you will enjoy a wall dive with a strong current. This drift dive is not far from the coast of Koror the island's capital. The strong current will take you on a journey along this incredible wall. If you find yourself a rock grab on to observe the many gray and white tip reef sharks who patrol the wall's edge. Look out for mackeral, tuna, turtles and spotted eagle rays surfing in the current. This dive should be only completed by experienced divers due to the drift current.

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What's the best time to dive in Micronesia?

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: The best season to visit Micronesia for scuba diving is year round. Be aware that typhoon season is between August and December, however, this will not affect the underwater life on offer. With a consistent 100 ft of visibility, you won't miss what these waters have to offer.

WATER TEMPERATURES: Waters here usually hover around 26-28 degrees Celsius. A temperature that could suit people to dive in 3mm shorty to a 5mm full suit for comfort on your dive tour. If you have 4 dives per day more warmth is preferable.

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How do I get to Micronesia?

Micronesia can be reached with United Airlines flights through Guam and Honolulu. From Guam it will take approximately 2 hours by flight to Chuuk direct. If choosing a Micronesia liveaboard then vessels usually depart from Weno or Koror, Palau which can be easily reached once on the island of Palau.

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