Gahaa - Dhoni Adventure Cruise in the Maldives

Published on by Rui Feliciano

Gahaa - Adventure Cruise in the Maldives
The Gahaa dhoni adventure cruise takes guests through the atolls of the Maldives.

Cruise the crystal-clear Maldivian waters aboard the Gahaa, a traditional dhoni operated by local partners, which has 5 spacious cabins to accommodate 8 passengers. The cabins are located on the lower deck and have ensuite bathrooms, rooftop pop-outs, and small side windows, always letting in the fresh breeze. Delectable meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients are served at the lounge, dining area or sundeck on the main deck. The upper deck features another lounging area and doubles up as a platform to plunge into the sparkling blue waters teeming with coral reefs housing vibrant marine life.

The classic dhoni sails through Malé Atoll to Felidhu Atoll and back on a 6-night trip. Guests will hop onto islands, experience the local culture and stunning white sandbars, and witness magnificent ocean sunsets. Snorkelling around shipwrecks and reefs and visiting Bodu Mora island’s breath-taking uninhabited beaches are just some of the activities included in the itinerary. Look out for the graceful turtles and reef sharks that could swim by to say hello.

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