Best Places in the World for Scuba Diving

Exotic dive locations have never been so accessible. Explore the worlds oceans beneath the surface.

Scuba diving has been the chosen sport/hobby/pastime for many adventure travellers for over 5 decades, but never have so many destinations been so accessible to everyone. From diving in resorts located on the most picture perfect locations to

hopping on a week long liveaboard cruise to far flung exotic islands, scuba diving really does allow people to be adventurous in their holiday choice. For divers nothing can beat the chance to dive with some of the worlds most amazing marine life.

Worldwide Dive Destinations

Currently one of the hot spots for divers wishing to see a huge amount of marine life in one destination. The Galapagos islands will show what a UNESCO world heritage site can provide in its sheer diversity and numbers of marine life. A dive trip to the Galapagos Islands must surely be on every divers destination wish list.

Egypt (Red Sea)
The Red Sea has been delighting divers for many years. Amazing reefs and coral formations, clear blue waters and reliable weather ensure the Red Sea can certainly live up to its place as one of the top dive destination in the world. From Dugong's to Whale sharks and reefs to wrecks, quality and variety is what keeps divers coming back here. With such famous sites as Elphinstone, Daedalus & Thistlegorm, to name but a few, Egypt can please the most avid diver with its underwater delights.

Known for its idyllic sandy atolls dotted through the Indian ocean the Maldives offers fantastic opportunities to dive in these crystal clear waters with the likes of Manta, Sharks and even the small things. Dive well known areas like Baa Atoll, Rasdhoo Atoll, Ari Atoll and the famous Hanifaru Bay - where it's been known to spot up to 200 mantas underwater!

Still at the top of the dive area rankings, Indonesia has established itself as one of the main dive liveaboard destinations worldwide. Due to the nature of this country and its archipelago, this country offers extremely diverse diving, consistently rated as some of the best in the world. From the large palagics to small critters this truly is a destination to please all. Muck diving fans will have ample opportunities to find the weird and wonderful in macro hotspots like Lembeh Strait & Ambon. Whilst fans of the big stuff can also get their fix with Mantas, sharks and whale sharks in Raja Ampat & Komodo.

Just 3 words can say why Australia has a place in the top dive destinations - "Great Barrier Reef". This amazing country can offer some of the finest coral reefs for diving. Dive areas like Ribbon Reefs of the coast of Queensland holds marine life sightings to please all. Not only limited to the Eastern coast, Australia has some outstanding diving from its Western coast. Western Australia has Rowley Shoals, Mermaid Reef & Clerke Reef which are frequented by sharks, turtles and sometimes dolphins.

Scuba Diving Around The World

All the destinations below also have some amazing dive tours available. Each place sometimes having their own unique things to see. The beauty of scuba diving is the shear diversity of things that can be seen in different locations.