Royal Galapagos Cruises

Royal Galapagos Fleet has become one of the largest and most comprehensive cruise operators in the Galapagos Islands in recent years. With a unique combination of luxury modern yachts and highly experienced staff they have the Galapagos experience well and truly covered. The fleet offers a number of different itineraries depending on your interests and how long you are planning to spend in on your cruise. Whether you choose to visit the thick green forests of Isabela and Fernandina or the rocky shores of Genovesa you will be in excellent hands.

Royal Galapagos Fleet provide an official Galapagos national park trained guide in various different languages. The guides will take guests for hikes, nature walks and provide the answers to the no doubt many questions they will have. The ships also house their own on board libraries with a wealth of information about the wildlife you will encounter each day.

The ships are all modern and elegantly designed to keep guests in complete comfort while they are exploring the islands. The large cabins have their own private bathrooms and air conditioning, some also have a private balcony to sit out on. Guests can choose between the most luxurious yachts with on board jacuzzis and swim platforms and the simpler but still very comfortable ships.

Whichever you select the on board service will be of the highest standard with your safety and comfort the crew’s greatest priority. Meals will be prepared by the onboard chef and any dietary requirements will be met with skill and care. Guests can expect snacks and refreshing juices in between the meals to keep their energy up while exploring.

Royal Galapagos Fleet of Small Cruise Ships

The Galapagos has eighteen main islands in its archipelago and Royal Galapagos offers a range of itineraries to the most fascinating among them. Shorter trips will usually take in the central islands around Santa Cruz and Espanola to visit the sea lion colonies and marine iguanas. Others make the trip North to Genovesa to enjoy some of the best bird watching in the archipelago.

Longer itineraries will offer the opportunity to explore Fernandina and Isabela the larger islands in Galapagos. These islands are older than the others and so home to beautiful forests and wildlife. The chance to admire or even snorkel with penguins is also best on Fernandina and Isabela. Other options include visits to Genovesa for bird watching and the red volcanic beaches of Rabida.


The Alia Catamaran is one of the most luxurious in the Royal Galapagos Fleet with an elegant lounge, wooden sun deck with a jacuzzi and private balconies in most of the cabins. The ship offers short trips to Genovesa and Bartholeme for a combination of bird watching in Darwin Bay and snorkelling with the beautiful fish and sea lions. The eight day trips have the choice between taking in the lush Isabela and Fernandina or travelling north to Genovesa.


The Natural Paradise is the perfect ship to enjoy both the adventure of visiting Galapagos and a hotel style cruise. The shorter itineraries of four or five days visit the main islands of including Santa Cruz and Bartholeme, Bartholeme is a great spot for snorkelling with small sharks, turtles and penguins. Longer trips offer the option of Isabela and Fernandina with their spectacular forests and wildlife or a visit to Genovesa and more time to spend in Santa Cruz. Up on deck, there is a sundeck area with a jacuzzi to relax after a day’s nature walking, snorkelling or bird watching.


The Majestic Motor Yacht takes guests to the very best islands for wildlife encounters. Each island holds its own special creatures, shorter trips around four days visit the sea lions on the shores of Espanola as well as flamingos and turtles at Floreana. Longer eight-day trips visit the marine iguanas on the shores of Genovesa or head to the larger islands of Fernandina and Isabela where penguins can be spotted hunting and breeding on the shores. The yacht enjoys many facilities including a hot tub on deck and a lounge for relaxing and socialising.


Reina Silvia Yacht trips are an experience in comfort, adventure and education about the natural world. The ship boasts a rear swim platform for snorkelling and kayaking as well as a whale and dolphin spotting deck. This is a great trip for families with triple rooms for those with younger children. Guests can choose between an eastern itinerary to the forests and rugged shores of Isabela and Fernandina or head to the west. The western trip includes birdwatching in Genovesa and the sea lion colonies of Lobos Island, San Cristobal.


The Galaven Expedition Yacht is honed towards adventure and exploration. This doesn’t take away from the comfort onboard however with cosy cabins having private bathrooms and air conditioning. The ship offers short trips of four to five days, either north to Genovesa to see the huge array of seabirds or south to the sea lion colonies of Espanola and San Cristobal. The eight-day itineraries sail around Isabela and Fernandina for nature hikes and snorkelling or spend more time exploring the coves and coast of Santa Cruz and Espanola.


Starting in 2018, the newest ship in the Royal galapagos fleet the Infinity Luxury Yacht is perfect for couples and families. The ship has an upper solarium and on deck bar as well as a large and comfortable lounge. There is a four-day northern itinerary to Genovesa for keen bird watchers and naturalists and a five-day southern trip to the sea lion colonies at Espanola. For those with more time there is the option of an eight day trip to Fernandina and Isabela to hike in the forests and snorkel with sea lions and penguins. Alternatively take in the northern and southern islands visiting Genovesa and Espanola.

Royal Galapagos offer something quite rare, the trip of a lifetime from a place of complete comfort. Whichever ship and itinerary you choose you will find the experience aboard Royal Galapagos is completely unforgettable.

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