Snorkeling in Egypt

Snorkelling in Egypt is said by many to be a truly brilliant experience. The conditions are pristine for snorkelling Egypt and you will not go without some incredible memories to take back with you. The visibility in the water here is good and the temperature of the water can be a beautiful 29 - 30 degrees celsius in July and August. Allowing you the time to enjoy a long time happily watching the world below sea level. Egypt's history dates back as one of the greatest ancient communities with the incredible wonders of the pyramids built to honour the lives of the pharoahs when they passed. These monuments still standing today hold tombs filled with gold and treasures to keep the Gods happy. However, underwater the treasures that lie here are as justified a reason to visit Egypt for a snorkel tour. The Red Sea is a wonder of the world itself offering a number and variety of snorkelling opportunities. The novice snorkeller and the experienced snorkeller will find Egypt's reefs a great adventure and with lots of interesting things to see all snorkellers will love it here. Often enough to wish to return again and again.

24 Snorkeling Cruises in Egypt

    Emperor Elite

    from US$ 146 / day
    9.2 "Superb"

    EgyptUS$170 from

    • Free Nitrox
    • Free WiFi

    The custom built 38m Emperor Elite offers year-round diving to Egypt’s best dive sites. All 12 deluxe cabins feature individual climate control and en-suite facilities, delivering the best experience.

      Emperor Elite

      Emperor Superior

      from US$ 123 / day
      9.1 "Superb"

      EgyptUS$143 from

      • Free Nitrox
      • Free WiFi

      The Emperor Superior offers a great selection of itineraries to ensure the best possible Red Sea experience including The Famous Five, Simply the Best, Reefs & Wrecks, and the Classic Cruise.

        Emperor Superior

        Blue Melody

        from US$ 117 / day
        9.4 "Superb"

        EgyptUS$117 from

        • Free WiFi

        In 2013, the 38m MY Blue Melody was presented with the ‘Best Liveaboard’ award by Sport Diver Magazine. You will be hard pressed to find a finer vessel to dive from in Egypt’s Red Sea.

        Blue Melody

        Marine Life In Egypt

        In the summer expect a wide range of creatures in the Egyptian waters. Your snorkel trip to Egypt will not fail to impress you on what it has to offer. The corals in the Red Sea are beautifully colourful and you will not be short of snorkel spots here with the simple bays that are sheltered from the current creating great conditions. There is a fantastic variety of fish to see here in these teeming reefs. When the plankton blooms come in the waters here can be filled with manta rays and turtles for snorkellers to see. This often happens in the summer months July-August. Hammerheads can also be spotted in the Red Sea. The winter months are enjoyed by many here as a hotter destination than most of Europe, the visibility at this time is great and you can expect to see dolphins, dugongs, and reef sharks. Some snorkel sites in Egypt are known for eagle rays, turtles and even sharks.

        Best Snorkel Sites in Egypt

        Ras Mohammed This snorkel site in Egypt is a world famous coral reef. The area is a Marine National Park so the marine life here is protected - no fishing or harm can be caused to the eco-system here. There are hundreds of coral and fish species including a variety of star fish, sea turtles and urchins.

        Hurghada Makadi Bay Snorkel spots here are great for all snorkelling abilites. You have a lot to see on this site. Alongside sandy beaches you can catch a glimpse of fish and corals when you don the snorkel and mask here. More corals and fish can be seen south side of Hurghada. Makadi Bay is one of the most famous and known as one of the best snorkelling sites in Egypt. Hurghada offers snorkellers no steep drop offs so shallower water allows more life to see. It is easy to watch the sea life living on the reef here without having to duck dive.

        Marsa Alam This snorkel area in Egypt is a great place to visit on a snorkel tour in Egypt. Here is a more untouched underwater world than most of Egypt meaning the corals are in great condition. There are big sea turtles, dugongs or sea cows and even sharks to feast your eyes on at any of the snorkel sites in this area.

        Best Time To Snorkel in Egypt

        SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Snorkeling in Egypt allows swimmers to benefit from the desert climate of the country. Enjoy watching the marine life in the cooling waters. December to May brings the mild winter seen in Egypt with temperatures of between 20 and 29 degrees celsius. From June to November you can expect a hot, dry summer 24-42 degrees celsius. The night drops in temperature so it is always worth having a warm jacket for this. The Red Sea can be visited year round by snorkellers. In the Northern Red Sea it is the whaleshark season between May to July.

        WATER TEMPERATURES: The waters here are often ranging between 22 and 30 degrees celsius this may affect your choices for the exposure suit you wear as a snorkeller. For optimal conditions to visit would be April to May or September to November.

        How Do I Get To Egypt?

        You can get into Egypt via the Cairo International Airport. 70 international airlines from Europe, Asia, Africa and the US fly into this airport. From here get to your port of departure by plane or public transport to the Red Sea port of Ghalib, Hurghada or fly direct into Sharm El sheikh for these departures from Marina.

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