Diving Guadalupe

Scuba diving in Guadalupe

Diving in Guadalupe is all about getting up close and personal with Great White Sharks. A dive trip to Guadalupe is an experience not to be missed by big fish lovers. Enjoy your adventure underwater with nature's incredible predators. Guadalupe scuba diving is your opportunity to see these majestic great whites at their best.

In the eastern Pacific Ocean, Guadalupe is a small volcanic island that affords you the best dive site for the opportunity to see these animals with up to 150 foot visibility. A dive spot so rich with great white presence that little baiting is needed to draw their attention. Diving Guadalupe will offer you incredible memories with the experience of getting as close as possible to Great White Sharks, which is the main reason divers come to Guadalupe. Kept safe by metal cages you can take photos, observe their behaviours and maybe even catch sight of a kill. These dive spots will help you enter a new world of understanding for the great white sharks and their inquisitive nature. Often the dives are completed here in scuba gear from breathing or a hookah system where air from the surface is provided to divers. The safety of the divers is high priority so the cage has mechanisms for safety protocol all of which will be explained and briefed before your dive.

Marine Life In Guadalupe

As already mentioned, most importantly diving Guadalupe is all about seeing Great White Sharks. They are the number one reason to dive in these waters, seeing these majestic predators at the top of the food chain hunting for food or playfully swimming in groups. Great White Sharks are the largest predatory fish in the world. Their method for catching prey is successful due to their camouflage underwater: the top of their bodies looking as dark as the sea bed when looking down on them and the underside of thier bodies as light as the surface from underneath. Divers can observe this when diving with them in Guadalupe. Along with the big attraction of the Great White Sharks on your dive trip, when scuba diving Guadalupe you will also have the opportunity to see their prey. The dive sites in Guadalupe have this prey and are the reason for these great whites to be here. These waters are filled with elephant seals, sea lions and fur seals. All of these great food for the great whites to enjoy. If a great white shark eats a juvenile elephant seal they can survive for more than a month without having to hunt again! The 50 % body fat of the seal can sustain a great white for a long time.

Best Dive Sites in Guadalupe

Isla Guadalupa The best dive sites of this area are located around the island of Guadalupe used by divers as their best opportunity to see great white sharks in their predatory habitat. Dived in cages for safety this site is for any ability including untrained scuba divers. Spend one dive safe in the knowledge that there will be a feast for the eyes ahead.

Best Time To Dive in Guadalupe

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Scuba diving in Guadalupe is best enjoyed between July and November. The visibility when diving Guadalupe often is between 120 - 150 foot: a great way to see these giants. During this time you will see the males bounding around the sea as if they own it, playfully fighting with each other. By September their female counterparts at up to 18 foot arrive. There have been 171 great whites counted in this dive area during this season.

WATER TEMPERATURES: Guadalupe is moving towards the colder temperatures at 19C- 22°C and is best dived in August to October for weather conditions. It is likely you will be choosing a more substantial 5mm - 7mm full suit in these temperatures in comparison to nearby sites in Mexico.

Experience Level for diving in Guadalupe

The type of diving in cages requires no previous experience of scuba diving. It can be enjoyed by all hoping to get a glimpse of this incredible fish or even photographers wishing to make that perfect shot. It is worth noting that you may need to ensure your insurance covers you for shark diving as this can be a specialist dive insurance need.

How Do I Get To Guadalupe?

You can arrive in Mexico internationally through both Cancun Airport and Mexico City. To get to the Caribbean side for diving then Cancun is on the coast. To get to Baja California where most of the Mexican liveaboards depart from for these dive sites take a plane to Los Cabos either from US or Canadian cities or from Mexican cities. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are the ports to get to for best scuba diving and liveaboard options in Mexico.