Review Policy


1. Who can write a review?

Anyone who has booked a trip on and has been on the purchased trip in the last year is invited to review.

2. What do we ask you to review?

  • Our service
  • The service aboard a vessel
  • The diving experience offered by the country
  • The diving experience offered by the dive areas

3. When do we ask you to change your review?

When you focus on specific personal issues that either we or a boat operator will want to resolve directly with you.

For instance; “I was not transferred back to the airport at 9.00 as agreed, so I want a refund” is a personal issue and will not be published. But “The service and especially the arrangement of transfers was disappointing” will be published.

4. When don’t we publish your review?

  • If, for any reason, we deem your review not to provide any added value for other divers
  • When the review is not about the service provided, but another aspect on which either or the boat operator has no influence, such as - but not limited to - itinerary changes or delays caused by weather conditions, or other events of force majeure.
  • In case of no-shows, force majeure and cancellations
  • When the review includes abusive language, swearing, discriminatory remarks, language that negatively targets a staff member, or personal political, religious, and ethical viewpoints
  • Mentioning names of staff members of or the boat operator is not allowed
  • Reviews need to be in the correct case (no upper case only) and with correct interpunction (not 5000 exclamation points)
  • When the review promotes illegal activities or activities that disturb the ecosystem and/or the well-being of the local wildlife (such as touching or disturbing the marine animals, removing pieces of coral or shells as souvenirs, etc.) – Take only pictures, leave only bubbles.
  • If it includes personal information like phone numbers and addresses
  • If we suspect that a review isn’t genuine and might be used to target a competitor, we'll remove it completely
  • Note: reviews about a boat, country, area are approved independently. One of your reviews might be disapproved for above reasons, while another review could be approved

5. I have left a review but don’t see it appearing…

We take pride in taking all experiences serious (positive and negative) and follow up on them. This is, however, a manual process, which is why your review might not show (yet).  We also require a minimum number of reviews for each vessel to allow a balanced opinion and realistic average review score. Until we receive this minimum number of reviews, they will not be displayed.

6. Changes to the policy

We may at any time and without notice make changes to these guidelines. We will notify you about such changes via our website. You agree that your continued use of the website or our services after we have posted a new version of these guidelines constitutes your acceptance of them.


Reviews by customers of are meant to help divers make good choices when planning a trip. The reviews are by our customers and do not voice the opinion, advice or judgement of