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The Siren liveaboard fleet, the first creation of Worldwide Dive and Sail, set the modern standard in luxury liveaboards. WWDAS is now the leader in custom-built liveaboard vessels, “built by divers for divers,” with extra attention to style and comfort; they recently produced the Master fleet and teamed up with the Blue O Two travel agency. WWDAS’s trademark Siren fleet is comprised of three Indonesian Phinisi sailing yachts with age-old, streamlined designs that lend atmosphere to your cruise. The yachts tour Asia and the Pacific. The Siren company, whose owners and managers are dive professionals, takes pride in training their staff to go the extra mile regarding safety, personability, and enthusiasm.

Note: The Siren fleet is part of Worldwide Dive and Sail Liveaboards & blue o two liveaboards.

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Life on a Siren liveaboard

A Siren liveaboard leaves nothing to be desired in the way of creature comforts. Their design and amenities make them more akin to floating hotels than expedition vessels. The interior design of each craft is delicately detailed, with gleaming wood and well-picked color combinations. The furnishings inside and outside are also attentively styled, from sunbeds to common spaces. Extra amenities include same-day laundry and free shower gels, a library, board games, free kayaking, and a massage, which can be booked any day. Meals with the Siren fleet feature the freshest vegetables, meat, and seafood, and there’s always a mix of cuisines in the buffet, from Western to Thai, Indonesian, and Filipino. Available all day are fresh fruit and various beverages, including free rehydration/mineral salts and even free local beer. With advance notice, all food preferences can be catered for.

Diving with the Siren fleet

Diving with the Siren fleet has some special perks. One is the inclusion of high-quality dive equipment at the base price. Another is the availability of a free guide for any dive. You always have it if you want to support finding special creatures or navigating a tricky area. The opposite is also true; if you and your buddy want to set out alone, you will be well-prepared beforehand by the onboard dive briefing and then sent on your way. Siren vessels provide free nitrox for as many dives as you want and can even certify you for nitrox during your trip. The vessels are also rebreather-friendly if you book in advance to ensure compatible equipment. To top it off, the Siren fleet aspires to be the “pro’s choice” for underwater photographers and videographers. Each vessel provides outdoor and indoor workstations for cameras, storage drawers, and numerous charging points with adaptors.

Anyone from beginner divers to professional photographers is welcome on a Siren liveaboard, though beginner divers are advised to check the itinerary descriptions carefully; each itinerary has a recommended experience level. Up to four dives a day are offered from the spacious, shaded dive deck. With the yachts stationed year-round in their destinations, it’s easy to find a schedule that fits your needs. Special offers and regulated trip rates add to the value for money of the Siren fleet, which aims to provide affordable high standards for all diving enthusiasts.

Siren liveaboard vessels and destinations

Classic Indonesian itineraries are offered on the Indo Siren, which plies the remote waters of Raja Ampat, the Banda Sea, and Komodo in this archipelago of over 17,000 islands. Like its two sister vessels in Palau and the Philippines, this vessel is a 40-meter sailing yacht. It offers double and twin beds, personal aircon, ensuite bathrooms and bathrobes, and personal entertainment systems. Its Raja Ampat voyage takes you to the center of marine biodiversity worldwide. It’s one of the top 5 destinations for colorful coral gardens and diverse critters - a true macro photographer's paradise. It also offers plentiful mantas, dolphins, and wobbegong sharks. Komodo national park is also a heavy-hitter in the Indonesian dive scene, with a full range of large to small marine life, including great muck diving and the unique Komodo dragons on land. The Banda Sea is the least explored of Indonesia’s dive regions; if you want remote, pristine diving, try this itinerary.

The Philippines Siren offers world-class diving in this archipelago of over 7000 islands. The waters of the Visayas region are the primary sailing turf of this Siren vessel, which visits Cebu, Bohol, and Negros. Special offerings on these itineraries include thresher sharks in Malapascua, pygmy seahorses in Cabilao, muck diving in Dauin, and gorgeous, diverse coral reefs in Apo and Balicasag Islands. The Philippines Siren also offers dedicated voyages to Tubbataha World Heritage Site, an atoll reef in the South Sulu Sea. Tubbataha represents the pinnacle of Philippines diving.

The Palau Siren, the last of the three Siren fleet sister ships, explores the blue waters that lap the lush jungle islands of Palau. Palau is a perfect destination for big fish enthusiasts. There are plenty of sharks and mantas. The marine life in Palau is abundant in general and can be best enjoyed at dive sites like the famous Blue Corner, which is included on every Palau Siren voyage. The Palau Siren also lets you trek to and swim in Jellyfish Lake, a marine lake known worldwide for its countless non-stinging jellyfish. This vessel has recently acquired satellite internet- just another perk to add to the many amenities shared with its sister ships.

The Fiji Siren, unfortunately, sank after colliding with an unidentified object on a night-time crossing. As a testament to the Siren fleet’s excellent training record for safety procedures, this stressful situation was handled calmly and appropriately, and all crew and passengers were safely delivered to land.


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