Adventure Cruises in Oman

Oman cruises take guests on excursions filled with adventure, exploration, and traditional experiences in Oman.

Oman cruises take guests on enchanting excursions filled with adventurous explorations and traditional experiences through the thriving and vibrant region of Oman. Tucked away at the eastern end of the Arabian peninsula, Oman boasts a rich history dating back to the dawn of civilization and a magnificent natural landscape brimming with different species of wildlife both above and underwater. Its strategic location along the Persian Gulf allows travel enthusiasts to indulge in various land and water sports like hiking, heritage tours, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The Omanis have a strong historical bond with the coast and oceanic life as they have been seafarers and traders since time immemorial. They know their seas well. Contrary to common belief about this region’s topography being on the warmer side with arid deserts, various water bodies will tempt you to jump in, and there are dramatic fjords that you can sail through across this peninsula. This makes Oman an ideal destination for travelers to explore nature and marine life aboard small cruise ships. During the southwest monsoon, Oman experiences a powerful weather system known as the Khareef season. Around this time, the usually arid landscapes magically transform into vibrant greenery that sprawls across the land, thriving with various species of flora and fauna.

During summer, vast amounts of cold water are drawn up from the depths of the Arabian sea. This brings rich nutrients to the region, making it home to some of the most unique marine life, including whale sharks, different species of sea turtles, over 1600 species of fish, thriving coral reefs, and much more! Scientists often call the water surrounding Oman a nursing ground for whale sharks.

Best Oman cruises and areas to visit

Adventure cruises sailing through Oman and its surrounding areas reveal vast beaches, palaces, ancient ruins, and stunning fjords. Whether your interest lies in learning about the region’s rich historical elements or exploring its land and underwater wildlife, Oman itineraries are best explored aboard a small cruise ship. Incorporating 25 spacious cabins that can host 49 guests with an onboard gym and spa, the Elysium usually sails for an itinerary of 8 days and 7 nights or 9 days and 8 nights, depending on which locations you’d like to explore.

These itineraries are a hidden treasure for travelers since the region houses some unique water bodies, glorious structures, and a wide range of species in flora and fauna. Some of the most unique areas to visit are:


The capital of Oman, Muscat, is a historically vibrant city close to other culturally rich mountainous cities of Nizwah, Jibreen, Bahla, and Tanuf. Guests can explore the magnificent forts of Niwah, walk alongside the 13-kilometer-long wall of Bahla, take in the beauty of the Jibreen castle, and soak in the pleasantly cool waters in Wadi Tanuf.

Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve

Known as the “Maldives of the Middle East”, the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve is packed with several species of coral reefs which are home to some spectacular marine life and several different species of birds. Different species of dolphins, lobsters, and Humpback whales are all spotted here. A large population of Hawksbill, Green sea turtles, and reef fish inhabit this cluster of islands. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some nestings of these turtles on the beaches around here! Diving and snorkeling here are must-do water activities.

Al Suwaiq - Sawadi Sands

Al Suwaiq offers interesting trails through the scenic countryside, decadent local food, and sights that perfectly blend the old traditional and modern aspects of civilization. The most unique sight at Sawadi Sands is the colorful seashells that line its shores. The rocky environment here propagates coral growth making this a great spot for snorkeling and diving.

Al Ain - the Oasis city in UAE

The largest of the seven oases, Al Ain, is considered an off-the-beaten-track location. Al Ain is a must-visit if you want to learn about its unique “qanat” irrigation and water system.

Natural rock pool at Sohar:

Known worldwide for being Sinbad, the Sailor’s birthplace,

Sohar is located close to the oasis towns of Al Buraimi and Al Ain, which are also UNESCO world heritage sites. In addition to the majestic Sohar and Liwa palaces, there’s a beautiful natural rock pool at Wadi Al Qahfi - one can spend hours swimming in this crystal clear water.

Musandam peninsula

 The hidden village of Kumzar along the Musandam peninsula is accessible only by boat and has glorious rock formations. Shoals of tunas leaping up from the water are hunted by flocks of seabirds which is a lovely sight out here. Musandam is also popularly known as the “Norway of the Arabian sea” due to the stunning fjords found in this region.

 Khasab Excursions

 A traditional Omani dhow will take you into the marvelous Musandam Peninsula fjord. Spot dolphins on this journey leading to the Telegraph and Seebi Islands. Guests can take a dip in these sparkling clean, calm waters and indulge in fishing or snorkeling with great visibility.

Dubai - Abu Dhabi excursions

 Guests can choose between half and full-day tours in Abu Dhabi, exploring the city’s well-organized infrastructure, magnificent mosques, museums, and various places, each of which has a unique story.

Best time to cruise in Oman

The best time to visit Oman for your small ship cruise holiday is October through May. The sea is calmer, and the weather is pleasant around this time, with a few showers in January and February. However, some divers and water activity enthusiasts also feel that early to mid-March is the absolute best time to visit Oman since it has the perfect amount of warmth and the general tourist crowd is much smaller than the rest of the year.

Oman in September and October offers divers and snorkelers a chance to swim with whale sharks. The water is rich in nutrients from October through May due to the effects left behind by the Khareef season. Vibrant coral gardens, whales, 22 species of dolphins, and several other species of marine life visit these seas during these months. Many rare bird species also flock to these areas during these months.

The region can also be explored between August and October, when the temperature is usually between 34°C and 23°C.

How to get to Oman

Entry into Oman needs valid travel visas, which are best secured online before arrival, although they are also available upon arrival. Travelers can reach Oman via the Oman International Airport, which is very well-connected to the gulf region. Quick flights from Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi make Oman cruises a much sought-after holiday. Oman Air, Emirates, Etihad, Ethiopian Airlines, and Jordanian Airlines are some of the most used carriers while reaching Muscat. London’s Heathrow Airport has the most direct flights to Oman. North American guests can easily arrive in Muscat on one-change flights through Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or London. There are also many one-stop options for guests traveling from Australia or New Zealand who should aim to fly through Singapore, Malaysia, and India. For African guests, the easiest flights are from Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam. It is possible to make a bus or rail trip from UAE and Saudi Arabia to Oman.

Tips & Tricks

Although the boat carries equipment rentals for which guests should submit sizing beforehand, having personal gear is always the best for comfort. Carry extra spending cash according to personal habits, and it is wise to have an emergency fund with local and home currency. Photographers should carry enough storage and battery backup. Bio-friendly Zinc-based sunscreens that are reef-safe, UV-filtered sunglasses, biodegradable toiletries, refillable water bottles, loose-fitting cotton clothing, and mosquito repellant for land visits are some recommendations while packing. Aboard the cruises, guests can partake in stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, and fishing.

Plan In Advance:

Oman is a country that has special itineraries for all seasons, friendly and welcoming citizens, and many historical marvels, which means that it is a favorite destination amongst travelers. Cruises around Oman get sold out quickly, and some itineraries can be booked out several months in advance. Book your trips early to get great bargains on flights.

Souvenirs and shopping:

Nizwah is known to have some of the best silver jewelry. These ornaments could make for great souvenirs. Bahla is popular for its pottery industry. You must check out these lovely pieces of art when in Muscat.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Sawadi beaches are most interesting during low tide, giving access to the main island, where one can spot many beautiful starfish and other marine creatures.
  • Avoid going to Oman and surrounding regions between June and August since the weather is extremely warm.