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The Quasar Expeditions Cruise Line Fleet was born in passion and inspiration when a sixteen year-old Dolores Diez, the co-founder of Quasar, set foot on the Galapagos Islands for the first time. What she felt there in the 1960s, her awe for the landscapes and wildlife of this unmatchable destination became the seed of Quasar Expeditions. Quasar Expeditions Cruises was the first Galapagos fleet to pioneer adventure travel in the archipelago. Before it started operating its first humble but comfortable motor yacht, the only way to visit the Galapagos was via Navy cargo ship, and the journey took three days to complete! Since Quasar was founded in 1984, the company has held true to its mission: providing transformative Galapagos travel experiences in safety and comfort. Quasar spent its first twenty years growing into an operation which handled up to two hundred passengers a week. Since 2007, however, the founders have reoriented the cruise line toward small-scale, highly personalized tours with two distinctive and special motor yachts.

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The journey of Eduardo and Dolores Diez with Quasar Cruise Line spans the entire transformation of Galapagos tourism. Quasar Cruises and its founders have seen it all from when the islands were only reachable by Navy cargo ship and lacked both guides and trails to the modern age of plentiful Galapagos travel options. The fleet tries to bridge the best of the past and present by preserving an explorer attitude, getting off the beaten path, and focusing on each individual traveler. Since 2007, Quasar has expanded into terrestrial-based tours in Patagonia, Ecuador, and Peru, offering transformative travel opportunities to experience other South American destinations' environmental and social richness.

Why Book a Quasar Expeditions Cruise

The long history of Quasar Expeditions Cruise Line Fleet speaks for itself. The cruise line has been in operation for more than thirty years. It has collected an impressive number of prizes from travel magazines, as well as recommendations from celebrity nature advocates, researchers, and presenters. If you are looking for the feeling of traveling instead of tourism, this family business prides itself on offering “the best week of your life.” Quasar Expeditions markets itself as a passion-driven enterprise, wherein the guest’s experience means more to the staff than the booking fee. Quasar tries to foster the feeling of traveling with like-minded individuals who want to connect deeply to the Galapagos. To accomplish this goal, Quasar keeps the cruise expeditions at intimate numbers, chooses off-the-beaten-track locations, prioritizes wildlife encounters, and handpicks its naturalist guides, catering staff, and vessel staff with care. Most of the guides are locals who have developed their own deep passion for the Galapagos over many years, which adds a special feeling to the knowledge they share with guests. Quasar promises to welcome your inquiries if you want a specialized tour focusing on photography or family experiences.

When you book a Quasar Expeditions Cruise in the Galapagos, you can feel proud of contributing positively to preserving the archipelago for current and future generations of people, plants, and wildlife. Quasar takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously. The fleet has banned single-use plastics like packaged soaps, plastic straws, and various food items. They offset their carbon emissions and choose their engines carefully to maximize efficiency. They also maintain various partnerships with initiatives and organizations working on health, environmental issues, and schooling in the Galapagos and surrounding countries. For more information on their partner initiatives and general mission, visit their exhaustive website and browse through the photo and video documentation available.

Quasar Expeditions Cruise Fleet of Small Cruise Ships

Onboard a Quasar Expeditions vessel, there’s no feeling of bland, mass-produced modern luxury; both boats in the fleet have a distinctive style to their interior decoration and layout. Amenities are luxurious nonetheless. The fleet offers hot tubs, sunbeds, ample outdoor space for lounging and dining, additional indoor lounges and dining rooms, and options for kayaking, snorkeling, and dinghy rides. There are various suites, master suites, and staterooms with different bed sizes and arrangements to accommodate couples, individuals, friends, and families.

The M/Y Grace carries the weight of an illustrious history. It was built in the 1920s, served in World War Two, and gained fame by becoming a gift for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in 1956! Restored in the original style of the Roaring Twenties, M/Y Grace accommodates eighteen guests.

The M/V Evolution retraces the steps of legendary scientist Charles Darwin, for whom the Galapagos inspired the theory of evolution. It accommodated thirty-two guests in sixteen cabins.

Areas the Quasar Expeditions Cruise Line Fleet Covers

The Quasar Expeditions Cruise Line Fleet plies the waters of the Galapagos Islands, focusing on the landmasses in the central and southern parts of the archipelago. Each vessel offers two itineraries with some overlapping and some unique destinations. This comes to a total of four tours with slightly different flavors.

Some key tourist destinations are San Cristobal Island, Floreana Island, Santa Fe Island, Isla Lobos, South Plazas Island, Baltra Island, North Seymour Island, Santa Cruz Island, and Genovesa Island. Additional destinations include Daphne Major Island, Isabela Island, Fernandina Island, Punta Espinoza, and Bartolome Island. All tours are endowed with the Galapagos’ trademark richness of wildlife sightings. Birdlife is plentiful, and in the water, you may encounter sea lions, turtles, tortoises, iguanas, whales, and dolphins, to name a few. The scenery around, under, and above you includes volcanoes, rocky cliffs, and islets jutting up from the deep, uninhabited beaches (if you don’t count the resident sea lion colonies), and underwater scenes reminiscent of the oceans in a time before humans. The Galapagos is truly one of the last destinations on Earth where travelers can feel the presence of nature as the ruler she once was. Quasar Expeditions Cruise Line Fleet is an excellent option for visiting this paradise without contributing to its degradation.