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The Haugan Cruises Fleet was established more than ten years ago by its President Kjetil Haugan, with the mission to become the most luxurious cruise line fleet in the Galapagos Islands. Haugan Cruises can now proudly offer the newest, most up-to-date vessels in Galapagos waters: two mega-catamarans and one trimaran which exceed most other cruise lines in terms of roominess and stability. The Haugan Fleet feels more like a floating hotel than a small ship. Haugan cruises is a joint Ecuadorian and European venture with a vision of achieving high standards of excellence in inbound luxury tourism services - while benefiting local employment and respecting its social and environmental responsibilities. If you like Haugan’s approach to travel, you can choose add-on tours to the Andes highlands or Amazon jungle after your cruise.

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Why Book a Haugan Small Ship Cruise

The luxurious feeling of Haugan Cruises is one of its trademarks. The large stateroom cabins offer so much space that you might forget you’re on a boat! Rooms are decorated with attentive color accents, art on the walls, wood panelling, and tastefully chosen furniture. The Haugan fleet prides itself on spacious social areas; its indoor lounge enjoys a wrap-around couch, bookshelves, and throw rugs. It’s a real treat to have the spaciousness of your vessel embody the spaciousness of the outdoor surroundings, and the Haugan fleet plays smartly on this connection. They built panoramic windows into the staterooms so guests can enjoy the view even from their cabins. The placement of the jacuzzi and the sunbathing area also allows panoramic views from the deck.

The Haugan Cruise Small Ship Cruise Fleet advertises a special degree of stability with its vessels. Seas in the Galapagos are known to be choppy at various points of the year. No small-ship cruise fleet can promise total freedom from seasickness, but the twin-hulled or triple-hulled vessels of the Haugan fleet go a long way.

Like many other cruise lines, Haugan participates in the movement toward social corporate responsibility. To offset its own impact as an ocean-based tour operator, it stocks vessel bathrooms with biodegradable Aveda products and cooks fresh food whenever possible. The company practices social engagement and ethics in its corporate staffing structure; local people in the Galapagos own a significant portion of the company. The entire crew are Galapagos residents, and the local guides have impressive qualifications, with degrees (often multiple) in tourism, ecology, conservation, and English. Voyage supplies are also sourced from the local community as much as possible. The Haugan fleet’s additional social responsibility projects include contributions to a foundation providing financial school support for underprivileged Ecuadorian youth, and contributions to a program which places volunteers in various sectors of Ecuador’s society, from health to the environment.

Haugan Cruises Fleet of Small Ships

All Haugan Cruise vessels sport indoor and outdoor dining, bar and lounge areas, as well as jacuzzi/hot tubs and sundecks. All cabins have AC and offer their own private balconies from which guests can gaze across the water. The cabins hold either twin or double beds, and each room includes its own ensuite bathroom.

The M/T Camila, a trimaran, is the newest addition to the Haugan fleet. It has one main hull in the center and two “outrigger” hulls on either side. Camila is sleek and swift and accommodates only sixteen guests in eight staterooms. Kayaks, snorkel gear, and wetsuits are all available onboard.

The elegant blue and white Petrel catamaran can also accommodate 16 passengers in nine cabins. The interior common areas are decorated in a modern, contrasting style, while the outdoor restaurant, sun deck and Jacuzzi are decorated in canary yellow and stripes.

Areas the Haugan Cruises Fleet Covers

Depending on the number of days you choose for your Haugan Cruise, you may visit more or fewer islands. Every tour besides the fifteen-day voyage has to leave out some destinations. The Haugan Cruise line fleet does a good job at piecing together a substantial number of diverse tours, and the Haugan website provides detailed information about each itinerary. You can decide which islands of the archipelago speak most to you, and then choose an eight-day, six-day, or four-day cruise. Some central islands are always included, such as Santa Cruz and Santa Fe, but from there, your tour may go in any direction, and that will decide the particular sights you encounter.

Santa Cruz Island offers a backdrop of volcanic landscapes, the largest land iguana population in the Galapagos, rare forests of local wood like Palo Santa, and underwater creatures like blacktip and whitetip reef sharks. Nearby Isla Lobos is renowned (and named) for its resident sea lion colonies. Also nearby, North Seymour Island’s rocky coast hosts colonies of blue-footed boobies and huge frigatebirds. Huge Isabela Island offers the highest number of stop-offs for your Haugan line cruise. You may visit the clear, blue ocean coves formed by an ancient volcano, witness endemic Galapagos penguins going about their business, swim with native marine iguanas, or walk the wetlands teeming with birds! Isabela also hosts a Giant Tortoise breeding center which releases individuals back into the wilds of the archipelago.

In the farther reaches of the Galapagos, one of the highlights is Floreana Island. Here, you’ll find the best snorkeling opportunities, along with a white-sand beach and a saltwater lagoon full of flamingos! Bartolome Island’s Pinnacle Rock is the most famous view in the archipelago, so that’s also worth a stop. For black sand/lava rocks and marine iguanas, Santiago and Fernandina are the places to go. Genovesa’s highlight is a steep hike up dramatic cliffs through enormous seabird colonies.