Blizzard Maxi Yacht, オーストラリア


“Snorkeling!! I have never seen so many varieties of healthy corral while snorkeling. ”

Chesley D, アメリカ合衆国 アメリカ合衆国


    • Delicious buffet dinner
    • Hiking to beautiful viewpoints
    • Snorkeling gear available

Explore the stunning Whitsundays Islands on an exciting sailing adventure aboard the Blizzard sailboat. Cleverly designed so that all guests can find a peaceful place to unwind, the Blizzard yacht has various cabin options to suit all budgets. Choose from the private double with en-suite bathroom, private twin or double with shared bathrooms or the dorm-style bunk cabins. Lounge on the open deck or chill out in the open-air cockpit.

The 3-night Whitsunday sailing trip starts early morning with a tour of the boat and safety briefings. Head out, enjoy a drink, mingle with your fellow shipmates, and enjoy a snack. The morning starts with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, breakfast at 7 am, followed by heading out to the first snorkel stop of the day. The boat moors at protected bays, and there's the opportunity to snorkel with the incredible marine life, hike to beautiful viewpoints, walk along powder-white sandy beaches, and enjoy some downtime. Evenings are spent stargazing, relaxing, and socializing after enjoying a generous buffet dinner with delights such as Honey Soy Lime Baked Tasmanian Salmon and Gnocchi Amatriciana.

The Blizzard sailboat is an excellent choice for a fantastic 3-night sailing itinerary to the Whitsundays. Book online today.

出発日を選ぶ アドベンチャークルーズ | シュノーケリングのみ


含む: 付加価値税, 国立公園料金, 港湾税, 燃油サーチャージ, 環境税, ティー&コーヒー, 飲料水, スナック, 全ての食事が含まれたプラン, シュノーケリング装備, ランド・エクスカーション, キャビンタオル.

オプションのエクストラ: ソフトドリンク.



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銀行入金で支払うかオンラインの 最安価格保証


  • インドア談話室
  • ダイバー(シュノーケラー)以外も歓迎
  • 温水シャワー
  • アウトドアダイニング
  • シュノーケル用品
  • 献身的な地元と国際的なクルー
  • チャーターが利用可能


  • セットメニューのお食事







  • 年建設 2011
  • 長さ 14.9m
  • ビーム 4.8m
  • 最速スピード 7 knots
  • クルージングスピード 5 knots
  • エンジン 1 x 75HP
  • 最多ゲスト数 10
  • 客室数 4
  • バスルーム数 3
  • テンダー 1
  • 水収容量 900 litres
  • 燃料収容量 400 litres
  • 飲水メーカー No


  • 測探機
  • GPS
  • VHF/DSC/SSBラジオ
  • 緊急位置指示ラジオビーコン
  • ライフジャケット
  • 火災報知器と消火器
  • 空気
  • 応急処置キット
  • 汚水ポンプアラーム
  • エンジンルームケーブルテレビ
  • 応急処置訓練済みクルー
  • 緊急照明弾

Blizzard レビュー

  • 9.3 特上の
  1. 船舶
  2. クルー
  3. 食事
  4. アクティビティ
  5. バリュー
  • 9.6 特別
  • Chesley D
  • アメリカ合衆国 アメリカ合衆国
Amazing trip despite the weather!!!

Snorkeling!! I have never seen so many varieties of healthy corral while snorkeling.

Snorkeling stops were fantastic! The crew was amazing, always gave great info about each stop we did. Since there was a cyclone just north of us, the crew did an excellent job in finding the best route to avoid to rough of a trip.
  • 8.8 最高
  • Michael G
  • アメリカ合衆国 アメリカ合衆国
So much fun!

Our captain Tris made the executive decision to visit whitsunday island and whitehaven beach first off considering the chance of poorer weather later in our trip. This have us the beach practically to ourselves. It was fantastic! Later in the trip we were able to watch the sunset from Black Island it was beautiful! The dinner every evening made by Phil was delicious and filling.

The food, the relaxed atmosphere, the great planning by the crew
  • 9.2 特上の
  • Iris S
  • ドイツ ドイツ
Wonderful trip

Our Skipper made the best decisions about the stops. First 2 days at the Whitehaven beach for the best experience (and fotos ;-)) because of the good weather. And than was more rain and wind and we made a lot of miles with sailing. However we had lovely places for snorkling and made stops at little islands for walks. So it was a really lovely trip.

Whitehaven Beach, fast sailing, nice crew
  • 9.6 特別
  • Scott G
  • カナダ カナダ
Excellent trip with wonderful guides!

Loved the sailing. Tell people to bring earplugs to help with sleeping

The people, the guides, the sailing