Navis 1ダイブクルーズ, フィリピン


“ジュゴンを飼育している水族館は世界に2か所しかありません。日本とオーストラリアです。野生のジュゴンが見られる幸運はなかなかありません。 説明は全て英語です。クマノミとカンムリブダイの講義があり、興味深く聞かせていただきました。波が高く、ナイトダイビングの2回目…”

HIROKO I, 日本 日本


  • Nitrox available
  • Dedicated camera room

Embark on a Palawan dive trip aboard the Navis 1, a spacious 23m/76ft long catamaran liveaboard based in Palawan, Philippines. The Navis 1 accommodates 18 guests in double and twin cabins, each with air conditioning, large windows, and private ensuite bathrooms. As the Navis 1 cruises the pristine, island-filled waters of Palawan, guests can enjoy gourmet meals in the open-air dining area, taking in the incredible vistas of Palawan from the spacious roof deck.

What distinguishes the Navis 1 experience is the spaciousness that only comes with a catamaran and diving the Philippines' most pristine and untouched dive sites. Dive into the rich ecosystems of Apo Reef, explore the history-embedded WWII wrecks in Coron, and dive with mantas and sharks in the remote areas between El Nido and Coron.

Book your Palawan dive trip aboard the Navis 1 today.

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含む: 付加価値税, 燃油サーチャージ, 環境税, ティー&コーヒー, 飲料水, スナック, ビーチBBQ, 全ての食事が含まれたプラン, Night Dives, ダイビングのパッケージ, Stand Up Paddleboard, カヤック, シュノーケリング・ガイド, ナショナリストガイド, ランド・エクスカーション, WiFi インターネット, キャビンタオル, デッキタオル, ビーチタオル, 無料のアメニティ.

必要なエクストラ: ダイブ保険, 国立公園料金 (80-120 USD 1旅程あたり), 港湾税 (50 USD 1旅程あたり).

オプションのエクストラ: クルーへのチップ, ホテルでの乗り換え, 空港での乗り換え (60 USD 1旅程あたり), アルコール飲料, ソフトドリンク, スキューバダイビングのコース (15,000 PHP), ナイトロックス, レンタル 用品 (20 USD 1日あたり), 追加のダイブ.



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  • MasterCard payments
  • American Express payments
  • Paypal payments

銀行入金で支払うかオンラインの 最安価格保証


  • ダイブ用カメラ設置/保管場所
  • 毎日のハウスキーピング
  • 音とビデオのエンターテインメント
  • エアコン付き客室
  • サンデッキ
  • インドア談話室
  • ダイバー(シュノーケラー)以外も歓迎
  • 温水シャワー
  • アウトドアダイニング
  • ダイビング用カスタムビルド
  • 充電スタンド
  • エンスイートバスルーム
  • 無料のインターネット
  • 禁煙の部屋
  • 屋外シャワー
  • オーシャンビューのキャビン
  • オンボードのカヤック
  • u/wカメラの別用リンス
  • 自然を多くめぐる旅程
  • 献身的な地元と国際的なクルー
  • ゲストとクルーがほぼ1対1の割合
  • リラックス用デッキ
  • オブザベーションデッキ
  • バー
  • チャーターが利用可能
  • ナショナリストガイド


  • 西洋の食べ物
  • ローカルの食べ物
  • ベジタリアンオプション
  • ビュッフェスタイル
  • ビールあり
  • 一日を通して軽食を用意
  • ワインが利用可能
  • レストランのようなお食事
  • ビーチBBQ
  • 屋外ダイニング



  • DINアダプター
  • ナイトロックス用意あり
  • すすぎ場所
  • ダイビングデッキ
  • ダイビングテンダー
  • 影つきのダイニング・エリア

クルーの言語English, French, とItalian.


ボートではダイビングギアの貸し出しを行っております。予約フォームに必要器具の記入をお願い致します。 料金やツアーに含まれているものの詳細に関しましては下記をご覧ください。 値段を見る.




  • 年建設 2009
  • 年修復 2022
  • 長さ 23 meters
  • ビーム 13 meters
  • 最速スピード 10 knots
  • クルージングスピード 7 knots
  • エンジン 2x Weichai 350hp
  • 最多ゲスト数 22
  • 客室数 10
  • バスルーム数 12
  • テンダー 2
  • 水収容量 10000 liters
  • 燃料収容量 8000 liters


  • レーダー
  • 測探機
  • GPS
  • VHF/DSC/SSBラジオ
  • 緊急位置指示ラジオビーコン
  • 緊急避難ボート
  • ライフジャケット
  • 火災報知器と消火器
  • 空気
  • 応急処置キット
  • 魚探知機
  • 人工衛星/携帯電話
  • 汚水ポンプアラーム
  • サーチライト
  • 応急処置訓練済みクルー
  • 緊急照明弾

Navis 1 レビュー

  • 9.2 特上の
  1. 船舶
  2. クルー
  3. 食事
  4. ダイビング
  5. バリュー
  • 9.6 特別
  • 日本 日本

ジュゴンを飼育している水族館は世界に2か所しかありません。日本とオーストラリアです。野生のジュゴンが見られる幸運はなかなかありません。 説明は全て英語です。クマノミとカンムリブダイの講義があり、興味深く聞かせていただきました。波が高く、ナイトダイビングの2回目が中止になったのは残念ですが安全性を考えれば当然のことです。簡単なポイントばかりなのでダイビング本数が少ない人でも安心して参加できます。ガイドさんのスキルは高いと思います。スタッフもとても親切なので他のポイントへのツアーも参加したいと思います。NOV1最高です。

1 ジュゴン 2 ナイトダイビング 3 アポリーフダイビング
  • 9.6 特別
  • Richard Y
  • アメリカ合衆国 アメリカ合衆国
Great trip

Very good energy & vibes! Very informative on the wildlife, and the wrecks so we knew the history & characteristics of what we were seeing while diving. Friendly & welcoming staff, felt at home. Music & dinner in the evening on the top deck was beautiful. Took an advanced course on board & the instructor did a wonderful job, very attentive & thorough.

Staff, instructor/dive master Shawn, shipwrecks
  • 8.0 とても良い
  • David M
  • カナダ カナダ
A budget operation but good value overall

I had a good time but imho these gushing 9-10.0 reviews are not very helpful. I will try to provide some solid information, which may be appreciated by some. I booked Navis 1 wanting to dive the Coron wrecks. It was an excellent experience. The crew were fabulous. What I will address are other factors including the vessel, food, service, equipment, itinerary and safety. TLDR: If you want to dive Coron wrecks, Navis 1 is your affordable but basic choice, and I think you will have a good time. I am a PADI master diver and in the past few years have done 5 liveaboards. One Great Barrier Reef, two Thailand, one Philippines Cebu/Leyte aboard Seadoors, and now a week doing Coron to El Nido aboard Navis 1. Unfair to compare Navis 1 with GBR Spirit of Freedom, which is a spectacular vessel and crew, managed to Australian standards. My comparisons will be relative to Thailand and especially to the very excellent Seadoors, my only other Philippines experience. THE VESSEL ... is a catamaran originally commissioned as a livestock (pig) transport, now converted for diving. She is spacious, stable and well suited to her new purpose, with plenty of room for briefings and relaxation - but there are a few unfortunate things that were OK for pigs but not so great for divers, such as the diesel exhaust right where you board the tenders, and lack of a below-decks generator. Many remarks made by my fellow divers about breathing diesel fumes as we waited to load and push off in the tenders. A large generator installed directly adjacent to the diving deck creates deafening noise, requiring dive briefings in the adjacent cabin to be practically shouted. My cabin had two beds with no shelf, ledge or surface on which to place anything. Storage is under the bed so get used to living with all your stuff on the floor, except your cell phone which you will sleep with because the single outlet is centered 6 inches above your mattress. In my other experiences the cabins were better furnished with storage cubbies and an actual table for your stuff. Mattress was OK but the only bedding was a blanket without a sheet, an odd and uncomfortable choice in tropical heat. You will be issued a SINGLE towel for the trip which you cannot realistically dry on the top deck because there is no good way to secure it without risk of loss when underway. Mine was smelling a bit sour by day 4. In contrast, Seadoors provided cabin towels on demand as well as fresh towels on the dive deck after every single dive. Seadoors also provided cabin service daily but there is none aboard Navis 1. Where other vessels have been air conditioned throughout, only the cabins have A/C on Navis 1, but it worked well and there were fans set up in the common area. My Navis cabin had a large plastic window but it was so filthy on the outside that it was not a pleasure to look out. There was no hot water in the morning, which was a first in my experience, although sometimes warm water was available late in the day. FOOD ... was just OK and there was frequently not enough. Without exageration, every single lunch and dinner was chicken, pork, rice and a veg, prepared Filipino style. Every. Single. Meal. No seafood because "we would rather look at them". Meals seved buffet style on mini wooden plates the size of a salad plate. Numerous times some of us returned to the buffet hoping for a little bit more but everything except rice would be finished. This was a VERY unwelcome first for me on any liveaboard. The only free beverage was water. Contrast with Seadoors: ample amounts and variety including pastas, french fries, mashed, sausages, lasagna, beef, cheese, shrimp, fish, stir fry, salad with every meal, fruit juices every meal, fresh prepared dessert with every dinner, etc. First breakfast on day 1 was your choice of... any overripe banana you wanted. I don't eat bananas. Day 2 was the same so thereafter I asked chef for a piece of toast. As a general rule there were no snacks available

Coron wrecks, crew, value for money
  • 8.4 とても良い
  • Tina G
  • ドイツ ドイツ
Apo Reef

Again a wonderful trip! The vibes on the boat are special and the crew is absolutely top!!! Apo reef was amazing to dive, the marine life is great.

Dives, Crew and equipment
  • 9.6 特別
  • Daniel J
  • スイス スイス
Great Adventure

-great divespot Apo Reef -family crew -amazing food -great team + great guest = awesome vibes I would defnitly stay again with this liveaboard.

The Crew,dive spots, vibes
  • 9.2 特上の
  • Grahame G
  • オーストラリア オーストラリア
Cruising through Paradise

- the beautiful island scenary and remote beaches. - the health and vibrancy of the diverse coral reef systems. - the interactions with the crew.

1.above water scenery. 2. coral 3. sunsets.
  • 9.2 特上の
  • karl G
  • 英国 英国
Vary friendly

The panoramic views from start to the finish

Big boat ,enthusiastic crew stunning views
  • 8.8 最高
  • Leslie R
  • オランダ オランダ
Super trip

The trip was great,, diving the wrecks is a experience The crew makes this trip special You have all you need on the navis 1 Thx everyone

The staff is super and the food is great and the dive crew
  • 8.8 最高
  • Leslie R
  • オランダ オランダ
Super trip

The trip was great,, diving the wrecks is a experience The crew makes this trip special You have all you need on the navis 1 Thx everyone

The staff is super and the food is great and the dive crew
  • 9.6 特別
  • Nathalie S
  • ドイツ ドイツ
Great experience

Apo Reef is absolutely worth it Wreck diving Presentations of the dive instructor

the crew is amazing, friendly, taking care, great diving spots and island visitings, great food