Glarosクルーズボート, ギリシャ



  • Traditional Greek sailing gulet
  • Only 10 guests means a more intimate experience
  • Snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing

The Glaros is a traditional Greek sailing gulet. Originally a ferry between Corfu and the mainland, today the Glaros takes 10 guests on adventure cruises through the Greek islands. Spacious and stylish interiors include 4 double berth cabins and 1 twin cabin, all with en-suite bathrooms and windows, on the lower deck. Each cabin has a fan, and windows can be kept open. Guests can also sleep on the deck under the stars. There is ample space to have a fine meal above deck on our luxurious sofas in the large wheelhouse/saloon/galley area, perfect for socializing and enjoying delicious meals.

On board the Glaros, guests enjoy free snorkeling at any time - perfect for getting a closer look at the crystal clear waters and incredible sea life. Kayaking is also included on every cruise so that you can paddle along the coastline at your leisure. Paddleboarding is another good way to enjoy the water while enjoying the views. Or, if wind conditions allow, guests can take advantage of windsurfing coaching - perfect for beginners or experienced surfers alike.

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出発日を選ぶ アドベンチャークルーズ | シュノーケリングのみ


含む: 付加価値税, Hyperbaric Chamberの料金, 港湾税, 燃油サーチャージ, ウェルカムカクテル, ソフトドリンク, ティー&コーヒー, ディナーでのアルコール飲料, 飲料水, いくつかの食事が含まれたプラン, スナック, ビーチBBQ, Stand Up Paddleboard, カヤック, シュノーケリング・ガイド, シュノーケリング装備, WiFi インターネット, キャビンタオル, デッキタオル, ビーチタオル, 無料のアメニティ.

オプションのエクストラ: クルーへのチップ, ホテルでの乗り換え, 空港での乗り換え, アルコール飲料, ラウンドリー / アイロン サービス.



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銀行入金で支払うかオンラインの 最安価格保証


  • サンデッキ
  • インドア談話室
  • ダイバー(シュノーケラー)以外も歓迎
  • 温水シャワー
  • アウトドアダイニング
  • 充電スタンド
  • エンスイートバスルーム
  • 無料のインターネット
  • 禁煙の部屋
  • 屋外シャワー
  • オーシャンビューのキャビン
  • オンボードのカヤック
  • 献身的な地元と国際的なクルー
  • リラックス用デッキ
  • オブザベーションデッキ
  • Stand Up Paddleboard


  • 西洋の食べ物
  • ローカルの食べ物
  • ベジタリアンオプション
  • ビュッフェスタイル
  • ビールあり
  • ディナーで無料ワインつき
  • ビーガンオプション
  • フリーソフトドリンク
  • ワインが利用可能
  • セットメニューのお食事
  • レストランのようなお食事
  • ビーチBBQ
  • ウェルカム・カクテル
  • 屋外ダイニング







  • 年建設 1985
  • 年修復 2010
  • 長さ 21.36 meters
  • ビーム 5.8 meters
  • 最速スピード 8 knots
  • クルージングスピード 5 knots
  • エンジン 2
  • 最多ゲスト数 10
  • 客室数 5
  • バスルーム数 5
  • テンダー 1
  • 水収容量 1000 liters
  • 燃料収容量 1200 liters


  • 測探機
  • GPS
  • VHF/DSC/SSBラジオ
  • 緊急位置指示ラジオビーコン
  • 緊急避難ボート
  • ライフジャケット
  • 火災報知器と消火器
  • 応急処置キット
  • 人工衛星/携帯電話
  • 汚水ポンプアラーム
  • サーチライト
  • エンジンルームケーブルテレビ
  • 応急処置訓練済みクルー
  • 緊急照明弾

Glaros レビュー

  • 9.7 特別
  • 3 実際の旅行者による 件のレビュー
  1. 船舶
  2. クルー
  3. 食事
  4. アクティビティ
  5. バリュー
  • 10 特別
  • Bill P
  • アイルランド アイルランド
Wonderful cruise around the Saronic gulf!

Being able to tailor each day with the other guests to relax and do what everyone wanted. Swimming off the boat several times a day was really great too. The crew couldn’t do more to make us comfortable and we even got to sleep under the stars! We’ll be back!

The cruise was incredibly peaceful but with scope for adventure and sports, the food was fantastic and the crew are genuinely fabulous at their job!
  • 9.6 特別
  • Mike L
  • 英国 英国
Relaxed, informal and fun island cruise with an expert crew

Sleeping all night under the stars. Swimming in the open water ocean. Paddleboarding in picturesque bays. Visiting a variety of islands. Awesome wreck dive. Time spent with the crew and other fun passengers.

Food awesome; excellent crew; totalling relaxing
  • 9.6 特別
  • Dale B
  • ニュージーランド ニュージーランド
A fantastic trip, highly recommended!

This was a wonderful trip from start to finish, but some of the many highlights included; the fantastic crew, beautiful uncrowded locations visited, customization to our interests (e.g. LOTS of snorkeling and paddleboarding) and the delicious food served on board. Genuinely better than anything we ate out at a restaurant! The operators have a "nothing is a problem / everything is included" attitude which is so much better than a trip where anything extra comes with an additional fee, and really helped us relax and enjoy ourselves without constraints. We're very happy we chose to go on this trip rather than either a larger vessel with more passengers, or the similar size vessels that operate as a little flotilla and are clearly more group (read: "party") orientated. We would strongly endorse this to anyone who wants plenty of flexibility, and the ability to do lots of independent exploration with some great crew suggestions! The more "off the beaten track" locations visited were great, with an intelligently designed trip for peaceful nights without missing any action during the day. And even though this wasn't a party trip (thankfully) that's not to say there's not good times to be had on board - I doubt anyone else was getting serenaded by their captain / professional musician!

The awesome crew, the delicious food, and the flexibility to do what we wanted rather than following a rigid schedule.