Aliaダイブクルーズ, エジプト



  • Modern, spacious liveaboard yacht
  • Large twin beds in each cabin
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • Free Nitrox for certified divers

The Alia liveaboard is a modern, 44m/144ft long, steel-hulled yacht built in 2020 to offer divers a spacious and comfortable way to explore the dive sites of the Red Sea in Egypt. It has 13 air-conditioned twin bed cabins, all with private bathrooms which can accommodate up to 26 guests. On the lower deck is a large indoor dining room where guests will enjoy freshly prepared meals throughout the day. The upper deck has a comfortable indoor lounge area with TV, which is also connected to a pleasant shaded outdoor area with a bar. There is a large partially shaded sun deck, which is perfect for relaxing in the sun and getting briefed for diving. At the rear of the main deck is a spacious dive deck area for storing dive gear and preparing to dive some amazing dive sites.

Alia liveaboard is part of the Dune Red Sea fleet with many years of experience operating in the Red Sea. Itineraries onboard Alia can include trips to famous dive areas in Egypt such as St. John’s, Ras Mohammed, Brothers, Rocky, Zabargad, Fury Shoals, Daedalus & Elphinstone. The Red Sea offers some amazing diving and marine life sightings to make it a top destination for all levels of diver.

Take a look at the itineraries on offer from the Dune Alia liveaboard, Egypt and book easily online for your next trip.

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含む: 付加価値税, クルーへのチップ, ホテルでの乗り換え, 空港での乗り換え, ソフトドリンク, ティー&コーヒー, 飲料水, スナック, 全ての食事が含まれたプラン, Night Dives, ダイビングのパッケージ, ナイトロックス, シュノーケリング・ガイド, WiFi インターネット, キャビンタオル.

必要なエクストラ: 環境税 (50 EUR 1旅程あたり).

オプションのエクストラ: アルコール飲料, スキューバダイビングのコース (110-350 EUR 1アクティビティあたり), ナイトロックスのコース (110 EUR 1アクティビティあたり), プライベートのダイブガイド, レンタル 用品, シュノーケリング装備, ランド・エクスカーション.



  • Visa payments
  • MasterCard payments
  • American Express payments
  • Paypal payments

銀行入金で支払うかオンラインの 最安価格保証


  • 洗濯サービス
  • 毎日のハウスキーピング
  • 音とビデオのエンターテインメント
  • エアコン付き談話室
  • エアコン付き客室
  • サンデッキ
  • インドア談話室
  • ダイバー(シュノーケラー)以外も歓迎
  • 温水シャワー
  • ダイビング用カスタムビルド
  • 充電スタンド
  • エンスイートバスルーム
  • 無料のインターネット
  • 禁煙の部屋
  • ファミリーのキャビン
  • オーシャンビューのキャビン
  • u/wカメラの別用リンス
  • 献身的な地元と国際的なクルー
  • リラックス用デッキ
  • オブザベーションデッキ
  • バー
  • チャーターが利用可能


  • 西洋の食べ物
  • ローカルの食べ物
  • ベジタリアンオプション
  • ビールあり
  • 一日を通して軽食を用意
  • フリーソフトドリンク
  • ワインが利用可能
  • セットメニューのお食事
  • レストランのようなお食事



  • DINアダプター
  • ナイトロックス用意あり
  • すすぎ場所
  • ダイビングデッキ
  • サイドマウントダイビング
  • 影つきのダイニング・エリア
  • 無料ナイトロックス



ボートではダイビングギアの貸し出しを行っております。予約フォームに必要器具の記入をお願い致します。 料金やツアーに含まれているものの詳細に関しましては下記をご覧ください。 値段を見る.




  • 年建設 2021
  • 長さ 445 meters
  • エンジン 2x MAN 1200 HP
  • 最多ゲスト数 26
  • 客室数 13
  • バスルーム数 15
  • テンダー 2
  • 飲水メーカー 2


  • GPS
  • VHF/DSC/SSBラジオ
  • 緊急避難ボート
  • ライフジャケット
  • 火災報知器と消火器
  • 空気
  • 応急処置キット
  • 人工衛星/携帯電話
  • 汚水ポンプアラーム
  • サーチライト

Alia レビュー

  • 9.1 特上の
  • 10 実際の旅行者による 件のレビュー
  1. 船舶
  2. クルー
  3. 食事
  4. ダイビング
  5. バリュー
  • 8.0 とても良い
  • Sarah D
  • カナダ カナダ
Magnifique Égypte

Diversité aquatique

Les étoiles, les montagnes et les employés locaux
  • 8.0 とても良い
  • Sarah D
  • カナダ カナダ
Superbes plongées

Très belles plongées sous-marine, les couleurs sont magnifiques

Le staff local, la nourriture, les couchers de soleil
  • 10 特別
  • 南アフリカ 南アフリカ
Fantastic crew and dive guides, great boat.

Fury shoal caves.

crew friendliness and helpfulness, food
  • 8.8 最高
  • メキシコ メキシコ
Great attention, great boat, grate place but no the right time

The best was the great attention we received from everybody, especially from host and cheff. Food quality fantastic with great attention and service. Diving crew was also great and very friendly and made our stay in the Alia a great one. Boat is very nice and cabins are very comfortable. I only have two propositive comments that think are important: BDE Golden Triangle is very famous worldwide as one of the best places in the world for shark encounters with treshers, hammerheads and, especially, longimanus, and this is the reason why we traveled half way around the world to make this itinerary on March 11-18. Unfortunately, we were not lucky and only found an small group of hammerheads in 1 single dive. All the rest were only blue and bubbles. We´ve been diving for many years and we perfectly know that when you are in the ocean there is nothing certain, and that whatever you are looking for may or may not show and we have had our own share of "nothing" and bubbles many times in many places even when we were there at the right time of the year and season and under the best weather conditions. The problem this time is that this trip was made BEFORE shark season even started as we were told at the boat that shark season starts late april - early may. Taking this in consideration, I think that BDE Golden Triangle itinerary should not be made before late April-early May if you really want to have a fair chance to see sharks. If this itinerary is made on early March, it should be pointed out that chances of shark encounters are minimal. I'm sure that if you make this itinerary on May or later you will find many sharks and have an incredible experience, but just don´t make it early March. Finally, Alia´s divemaster attention was poor. In all my diving years and liveaboards is the first time ever that our divemaster didn´t get into the water with us, his clients. Even when we all were autonomous, advanced open water certified, something could go wrong during any dive and the most qualified diver in the group, specially with his/her knowledge of the area where strong currents are the norm, is the divemaster, and the fact that he didn't even got wet in several dives shows his lack of interest for his clients. All and all, I think that if you go at the rigth time of the year, diving will be awsome and that Alia´s crew will make you feel at home.

Host attention and service was formidable. Chef and kitchen and dinning room staff awsome, great attention from diving crew.
  • 10 特別
  • Fabrice G
  • フランス フランス
Une superbe croisière plongée

Tous !

Le bateau, les cabines, l’équipage et le chef cuisinier !
  • 10 特別
  • Maruán K
  • スペイン スペイン
Best boat in Red Sea

Diving in the south rout of the red sea in Alia was amaizing. The crew are kind and helpful. The quality of the boat is incredible, is a new boat with a lot of spaces, huge zodiacs and common spaces. We had the chance to see hamerhead sharks and manta rays. I will repeat again.

Crew, Dive sites, space in the boat
  • 9.6 特別
  • Alejandro N
  • アルゼンチン アルゼンチン
Lo mejor del Mar Rojo

El Barco sumamente cómodo con muy buenos servicios.

Comida, comodidad, buceo
  • 9.6 特別
  • Lara L
  • アメリカ合衆国 アメリカ合衆国
Excellent experience on the Red Sea

It was amazing to see the Red Sea and dive there. The boat was well set up and comfortable. There was plenty of space and the cabin was roomy. The staff on the boat were more like friends and really know what they are doing. I always felt safe and comfortable. As a dive professional myself I’m always thrilled to see safety measures that go above and beyond. One example would be the encouragement of safety stops even when not necessary according to the ERDP.

Diving safety and knowledge of the dive guides
  • 7.2 グッド
  • Eric H
  • スイス スイス
6 e croisière plongée ds les 4 dernières années seule croisière proposant que 3plo, absence de plongées de nuit ngees par jour

Ensemble de la croisière de Bon niveau mais manque de motivation du staff plongées ex seule plongée de nuit refus du guide d'accompagner les plongeurs qui l'avait demandé.

Confort nourriture staff bateau