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Since embarking on their first small ship cruises in the 1960s, Variety Line’s fleet and destinations have grown significantly. The cruise line began offering cruises for small groups around the Greek islands. Enjoying much success in this growing niche of cruising in small intimate groups, the company expanded their fleet and list of destinations. The fleet made the most of local experience and knowledge by merging with groups in these new areas. However, no matter how much they have expanded over the years, their mantra has remained the same. To create unique expeditions that are a mix of exploration, education, and comfort, aboard small cruise ships. The Variety Cruise line offers only small ship cruises to create a warm and personalized service for their guests. Over the years, Variety Cruises has selected some of the best destinations and itineraries using their wealth of cruising experience.

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The cruising fleet and their destinations have grown to include a number of coastlines and archipelagos around the world. Their cruise excursions and experiences have developed into some of the best itineraries available, thanks to strong relationships with local groups and a wealth of experienced staff. The Variety line has also kept its fleet up to the finest modern standards with refits and renovations done every few years. The group prides itself on providing guests with a blend of hotel style comfort and facilities, plus a varied list of rich local experiences.

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One of the best features of this fleet is in the name, Variety. The fleet offer cruises around the stunning Mediterranean and Adriatic as well as exotic trips around Seychelles and thrilling expeditions to the remote Icelandic coast. The cruise itineraries themselves are also full of variety and there is something on offer for passengers of any age or fitness level. Wherever Variety Cruises take guests, they are guaranteed comfort, luxury, and an immersive and educational trip. All of their ships are comfortable and equipped with ample facilities, with all the luxury of a floating mini hotel and the freedom to roam along the coast.

Each ship has been chosen to fit best with its destinations and expedition types, in order to make the most of their surroundings. Those ships that are predominantly in warm and tropical waters have diving decks and spacious sundecks for lounging and sunbathing. Those that cruise in cooler climates have large top decks for whale watching and admiring the dramatic scenery. The stop offs and cruising areas have been carefully chosen by the cruise line, to give their guests the most exciting, cultural and educational experiences in their chosen destination.

Variety Cruise Line Fleet of Small Cruise Ships


Renovated only a few years ago, the Callisto has all the mod cons but has still retained a traditional Mediterranean feel. The ship spends most of her year in the waters around Greece and the Adriatic. With this in mind, the ship has a sizeable sundeck and rear swimming platform to allow guests to hop off for a snorkel or swim in the many quiet bays and coves this region has to offer. The ship accommodation has 16 cabins both double and twin ensuites with air conditioning.


A stunning triple-masted sailing yacht, the Panorama is an impressive sight, although she only takes up to 49 passengers in twin or double cabins. There are inside and outdoor lounges which are spacious and perfect for relaxing in the sun or keeping an eye out for marine life such as whales, dolphins and seals. The upper deck also houses an onboard bar and lounge area for relaxing and talking over the day’s excursions. It is worth noting that the ship is an ocean-going vessel and makes for a comfortable and stable trip even in more challenging waters.


Ideally designed for making the most of a warm and sunny climate, the M/V Pegasus has an ample sundeck and offers guests the option of alfresco dining on warm balmy evenings. The ship accommodates up to 44 guests on a sailing, in 21 double or twin ensuite cabins. Guests will find all the modern conveniences of a hotel onboard with air conditioning, Satellite T.V. and a mini fridge in the cabins and outside, a swim deck and mini spa.

Areas the Variety Cruise Line Fleet Covers

Over the years Variety Cruises has grown its fleet to include a range of beautiful and thrilling destinations. Regular small ship cruises take guests on luxurious sailings around the lush green islands of the Seychelles archipelago. Starting in Mahe, these cruises take in the very best and most remote of the islands. Cousin Island, where hundreds of nesting birds and sea turtles can be seen and Praslin, one of the best beach and watersports areas in the archipelago are just two of the stop offs their cruises make.

Island hoppers will also find Variety Cruises around the Cyclades Islands off the coast of Greece. Starting in Athens, these small ship cruises take in the lovely whitewashed island of Santorini. The archaeological site of Delos island and the stylish isle of Mykonos are also the perfect places to spend a few days exploring from a small cruise ship. Also in the Mediterranean and Adriatic coast, Variety Cruises arrange small ship expeditions along the coast of Montenegro, Croatia, and mysterious Albania.

For those looking for a thrilling expedition, Variety Cruise line make expedition trips along the dramatic coast of Iceland. Starting off in Reykjavik these small ship cruises take guests to some of the most remote and impressive geographical and cultural features of this region. Stopping off at quaint villages such as Grundafjordur and the dramatic waterfalls at Dynjandi these expeditions are full of thrills and rich cultural experiences.

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