Croisière Plongée

Celebes Explorer, Malaisie

“The food was plentiful and delicious with lots of seafood. The guide was good at spotting critters in the ocean and was a good ph…”

carolyn P, Drapeau de Etats-Unis Etats-Unis

Le bateau de croisière plongée de 29m M/V Celebes Explorer est le seul navire proposant toute l'année des itinéraires sur les plus beaux sites des Sipadan, en Malaisie. Les Sipadan abritent des milliers d'espèces de flore et de faune, beaucoup n'existant qu'à cet endroit. Le Celebes Explorer dispose de 8 cabines basiques équipées de salles de bains privées et de garde-robes spacieuses. Les passagers pourront se relaxer au salon avec mini-bar et sur le vaste sundeck partiellement couvert, aménagé de chaises en bois, tables et matelas de plage.

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Compris: TVA

Non compris: Location matériel plongée et snorkeling (kit complet environ 200 RM par jour), nitrox (17 US$ par gonflage), frais de jetée Semporna (10,60 MYR par personne), frais de plongée Sipadan - 42,40 MYR par jour de plongée (à partir d'août 2018 ces frais augmenteront à 148,40 RM par jour de plongée), vols internationaux et intérieurs, boissons alcoolisées et en cannette, transferts en dehors des vols recommandés (environ 150 US$ pour une voiture de 5 passagers)

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Celebes Explorer Avis

  • Rating 7,2 out of 10
  • 7,2 Bien
  1. Bateau
  2. Équipage
  3. Nourriture
  4. Plongée
  5. Valeur
  • Rating 9,6 out of 10
  • 9,6 Exceptionnel
  • carolyn P
  • Drapeau de Etats-Unis Etats-Unis
Wonderful diving and superb crew with friendly, uplifting attitude

The food was plentiful and delicious with lots of seafood. The guide was good at spotting critters in the ocean and was a good photographer when he took pictures of me while diving. All the staff were very friendly and most learned your name. The head person, Tom, was a delight with a funny personality and wonderful attitude. He made everything such fun! Cabin 3 still has some funny smells however. Grab one of the others instead!

Recommandé pour
Diving, food and crew members
  • Rating 7,6 out of 10
  • 7,6 Bien
  • Kenneth M
  • Drapeau de Etats-Unis Etats-Unis
Celebes Live Aboard

Trip was a good value, you get to dive Sipadan four times most every day. Resorts in the area will likely let you go every third day or so. The boat needed some maintenance work, though, the generator cut out several times during the week I was on board. Boat crew and divemasters did a good job. One thing to note, though, is that night diving is not permitted at present due to curfew. (The itinerary I received said night dives at Mabul would be included, but this is not the case at the moment...)

Recommandé pour
Daily Sipadan Diving
  • Rating 8,0 out of 10
  • 8,0 Très bien
  • Robert S
  • Drapeau de Etats-Unis Etats-Unis
AWESOME dive guide but the livaboard boat the celebes was falling apart!

we were SO dissappointed to find out that there was to be NO NIGHT DIVES allowed AT ALL in the last two years, you would think that they would say something about this on ANY website, but i guess because of the kidnappings, then it would just scare tourists off. but if you are into ANY night diving, we wish we could get a comp trip because of THAT idssappointtment. alone as the site still promises night dives. even though the boat was belching rust chunks out of the smokestack, and it was puking gobs of oil which caused oil slicks larger than the exxon valdez spill which we had to keep outrunning, we were told that there was a new one being built. ready in two years! the generators were turned off about 3 times a day and you had to re start the air con every time. the dive runabout boat was in the same condition of being ready to take a dive. or a dump....but the guides were awesome and the boatman was great and professional. the condition and maintenance was deplorable. we had to walk in a pool of piss water everytime we went to the bathroom because the ship was overweighted on one side where it did not drain. but if you want to dive dive dive the sipadan sites, you are in for a treat we went every morning to pick up the flag that announces we HAVE A PERMIT TO DIVE 3-4 DIVES PER DAY!!! the food!!! it always smelled really great, but then they added too much sauce to drown out the garlic flavor that you could smell in the beginning stages... the cleavered chicken left a lot to be desired. the chicken ALWAYS almost was cleavered and then battered or put in the soup and if the back ribs excite you then you got no bones to pick! they end up in your mouth and throat. if they coul dONLY stop cooking the food until it is burned to non recognition we would have been happier. but we love to dive so all the rest is piddly. this is NOT a comfort boat! but the staff is very freindly and obliging! and raf , the dive guide was super at finding all sorts of

Recommandé pour
RAF the dive guide was great, the boatman was super and the food was the same but cooked different and disguised with lots of sauce.

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