Venezuela Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Tauchreisen Venezuela Enjoy a liveaboard dive holiday among the unspoiled waters of the Caribbean's best kept secret. Venezuela's pristine seascape is teeming with marine life.

Venezuela boasts hundreds of kilometers of coastline and beautiful tropical islands with pristine turquoise waters and abundant marine life. One of the Caribbean's best kept secrets, Venezuela is relatively unknown to the mainstream diving world. As such, it offers unspoiled diving. Along with healthy, vibrant coral reefs, divers will also find interesting rock formations, swim throughs and caves teeming with fish. Los Roques offers some of the best liveaboard diving in Venezuela. This archipelago is a pristine, remote scuba diving destination. In its warm clear water are pinnacles, caves coral gardens, reefs, walls and drop-offs. Massive sponges in bright yellows, oranges, reds and purples along with nutrient rich seagrass beds harbor an impressive number of species including lobster, wrasses, parrot fish, barracudas, rays, groupers, snappers and four different species of turtles. For those looking for a sea safari among virgin dive sites, Venezuela's Los Roques has it. Off the north east coast of Venezuela is Isla Margarita, a popular dive destination. Aboard a Venezuela diving cruise along Isla Margarita, divers plunge into warm, sparkling water to swim along reefs packed with large queen angelfish, banded butterfly fish, parrot fish and huge grouper. Queen conchs are also very common here. Dive enthusiasts enjoy a serene, relaxing dive holiday on Isla Margarita.

Because of its tropical location, scuba diving can be done year round in Venezuela. Air temperatures are typical 30C and water temperatures range from 26C - 28C, but at some sites thermoclines can drop this to 25°C. Visibility is usually excellent and ranges from 12 to 30m.

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