Bigkanuクルーズボート, インドネシア

  • から US$ 162/ 日

Join the Bigkanu trimaran for a unique adventure cruise in Raja Ampat. The advantage of a shallow draft means that the Bigkanu liveaboard can go places other boats can't. This means gliding through the jungle-lined passage between Gam and Waigeo islands, backing onto sandy beaches or sliding alongside a village jetty. The boat was designed specifically to tuck into the bays, beaches and islets close to the shore of Raja Ampat, taking guests to places very few people see. The boat is generally backed up to a beach or jetty, giving an advantage of the freedom to wander, snorkel, swim, paddle off on a SUP or kayak or stroll through a local village at sunset without a return deadline.

Bigkanu has 9 small and airy single cabins on board, 3 of which can be converted into double beds for couples. The boat interior is configured for day and night modes. During the day she is opened up to create one large cool cabin, which can then divide into private cabins using louver bifolds. There are two shared flushing toilets and two inside/outside showers. Trampolines surround the boat, and the upper deck shade lounge offers a space to chill out with a view.

Breakfast is a large choice of western favourites, and lunch and dinner are served buffet-style using local fresh produce and minimally processed foods. Meals are served on the back deck or on beaches or moonlit jetties.

For those on a budget who wish to explore the magic of Raja Ampat, the Bigkanu trimaran is a fantastic and unique way to explore the region. Call us or book online to reserve your space today.

出発日を選ぶ アドベンチャークルーズ | シュノーケリングのみ


込: 付加価値税, 全ての食事, タオル用意あり, シュノーケリング装備, カヤック, Stand Up Paddleboard

除外: Flights, Visas, Entrance fees to Wayag / Pianemo and Kabui: IDR 1 250 000, Alcoholic beverages

今予約して、後で支払う: オンライン上で予約は簡単に取れます。空き状況や値段がすぐわかり、VISA、Mastercard、PayPal、銀行入金などで支払いが可能です。

  • Visa payments
  • MasterCard payments
  • American Express payments
  • Paypal payments

銀行入金で支払うかオンラインの 最安価格保証


  • 毎日のハウスキーピング
  • 機内搭載のかやっく
  • 音とビデオのエンターテインメント
  • 図書館
  • サンデッキ
  • インドア談話室
  • ダイバー(シュノーケラー)以外も歓迎
  • アウトドアダイニング
  • 観測用デッキ


  • 西洋の食べ物
  • ローカルの食べ物
  • ベジタリアンオプション
  • ビュッフェスタイル
  • ビールあり
  • 一日を通して軽食を用意
  • ビーガンオプション





  • 年修復 2018
  • 長さ 24 meters
  • 客室数 9


  • レーダー
  • 測探機
  • GPS
  • VHF/DSC/SSBラジオ
  • 緊急位置指示ラジオビーコン
  • 緊急避難ボート
  • ライフジャケット
  • 火災報知器と消火器
  • 空気
  • 応急処置キット
  • 汚水ポンプアラーム
  • サーチライト
  • 緊急照明弾