Azalea Дайвинг-сафари, Мальдивы

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“The dive sites were not overcrowded and planned out incredibly well, even though that meant very early diving a couple days. The …”

Elisabeth L, Флаг США США

Элегантная 38-метровая яхта Azalea круглогодично осуществляет круизы к лучшим местам для дайвинга и снорклинга на Мальдивских островах. На яхте могут разместиться до 16 пассажиров. Azalea оформлена стильно и со вкусом. 6 кают категории «полулюкс», 2 номера Ocean View Jr и один люкс Ocean View Master оборудованы современно и изысканно. В каждой каюте есть кондиционер, ванная комната и просторное место для хранения личных вещей. В каютах Jr. и Master установлены большие двуспальные кровати с нежным египетским бельем, а из окон открываются чудные виды на море. Каюты «полулюкс» оснащены двумя кроватями и находятся на нижних палубах, из окон можно в любое время любоваться красотами подводного мира. Для удобства пассажиров оборудованы комфортабельные общие зоны. Это, в первую очередь, просторная столовая на главной палубе с выходом на открытую террасу. На верхней палубе расположена зона отдыха с телевизором и баром с открытой площадкой. На самом верху - популярная у гостей палуба для приема солнечных ванн с джакузи, с которой можно любоваться чарующими пейзажами Мальдивских островов.

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Включено: Визы и сборы, Зеленый налог, Портовые сборы, Топливный сбор, Трансфер в/из аэропорта, Питьевая вода, Приветственный коктейль, Чай и кофе, Закуски, Пляжное барбекю, Полный пансион (все питание включено), Дайвинг-пакет, Stand Up Paddleboard, Гид для снорклинга, Каяки, Наземные экскурсии, Рыбалка, Бесплатные банные принадлежности, Интернет WIFI, Пляжные полотенца, Полотенца для использования вне кают, Полотенца для кают.

Обязательные дополнительные расходы: 27.6% НДС.

Необязательные дополнительные расходы: Чаевые, Местные перелеты, Трансфер в/из отеля, Алкогольные напитки, Безалкогольные напитки, Аренда снаряжения, Вейкбординг, Водные лыжи, Водные мотоциклы, Гид-натуралист, Экскурсия на лодке с прозрачным дном, Услуги стирки и глажки, Йога, Массаж, СПА.

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* Дополнительные расходы взимаются с каждого гостя

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Azalea Отзывы

  • Rating 9,3 out of 10
  • 9,3 Превосходно
  1. Судно
  2. Команда
  3. Питание
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  • Rating 9,6 out of 10
  • 9,6 Изумительно
  • Elisabeth L
  • Флаг США США
Unbelievable all around experience!

The dive sites were not overcrowded and planned out incredibly well, even though that meant very early diving a couple days. The boat was wonderful and we could not have asked for a better experience. We also enjoyed the owner and manager on our cruise as well and they went out of their way to make sure this was a great live-aboard. Thank you Azalea!

Diving, Staff, Diving
  • Rating 9,2 out of 10
  • 9,2 Превосходно
  • Daniel B
  • Флаг США США
Better than an African safari!

Swimming with whale sharks and the nurse sharks that acted like puppies!

Dives, crew, and service
  • Rating 8,4 out of 10
  • 8,4 Отлично
  • Adam P
  • Флаг США США
First class cruise/dive experience from attentive staff.

I have been diving since 2000 and seeing my first whale shark was special. The manta rays didn’t disappoint. The diverse sea life was amazing. The country is one tropical island after another and it has a special tropical beauty. I kept thinking I would see the crew of the SS Minow come wandering out on the shore of these islands. The communication was pretty good considering there was a nine hour difference. The Azalea was accommodating as to where they would pick you up if you flew in the day before, as I did. I do think the price is a little high for what is offered. The Nitrox should be included as well as soft drinks. Additionally, there should be at least four dives a day offered. I couldn’t tell you how the night diving was because we only did one early evening dive. Finally, as for safety, we only had six total dive guests. There was not really any concern that a guest would not be accounted for. However, a better dive practice is to require each diver to be accounted for by requiring them to announce themselves as present before starting the dive tender and returning to the ship. The Azalea’s pictures look gorgeous. However, as with any ship at sea, maintenance is always something that is a challenge in a saltwater environment. Nothing major to report. The wood deck could use some attention. The hot water was not consistent in my cabin. However, the water for my shower was not cold and therefore it was manageable. As I said, for the price, I would have expected there to be no issues with the hot water. I still think the trip was great. There was a diver on board who had booked her second trip on this boat within the same year. This speaks volumes as to their level of satisfaction as she was already talking about doing a third trip with the Azalea before we had even departed. This was my fifth liveaboard that I have been on. Overall, it was a great experience and any negative issues are just “First World” problems.

The three best things about this trip was the service from the staff, the tasty meals and spacious diving tender.

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