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Small and perfectly formed, Mermaid Liveaboards Fleet specializes in creating the perfect diving liveaboard. They have worked in Indonesia for many years and pride themselves on their knowledge and service. Mermaid fleet understands that while diving is the main attraction, their ships are well equipped and the guides very knowledgeable. Of course, Indonesia is also a place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands so on board, and the boats are as comfortable and luxurious as you would hope.

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The ships have all the modern facilities but are beautifully decked out with a wooden interior in the traditional Indonesian style. There are two decks with sunbathing spots on both ships and a comfortable lounge area with a reference library. The dive decks are spacious, with camera tables and a freshwater shower. The deluxe cabins are comfortable and equipped with private bathrooms, showers, and climate control. The fleet also offers cozy budget rooms for those happy to share a bathroom to save a little on the cost.

Mermaid’s style is a blend of Indonesian traditions and modern accommodation, and their food follows this to a tee. Meals are buffet style with fresh local delicacies and some more European-style options. They know that diving also gets divers hungry, so snacks are plentiful and served in between dives. There is beer, wine, and cocktails served onboard for the evening time on the deck.

Mermaid Liveaboards Fleet & Locations

Mermaid are the experts on Indonesia, and their fleet takes divers to all the very best spots in the archipelago. On the top of their list is Raja Ampat, world-famous as the most biodiverse place in the world. If you can take your eyes off the teeming colorful coral reefs, home to over a thousand species of fish, there is also a chance of seeing mantas and turtles passing by. Mantas are also a big attraction in the Mermaid fleet’s other destinations, such as the Komodo National Park. Komodo has, at its heart, the most thrilling drift dives, and glassy visibility divers could hope for. Mantas, dolphins, and hammerhead sharks also pass through the reefs.

For macro divers and photographers, the Mermaid Fleet offers trips to Lembeh. The area is well known in macro circles for having some of the best muck diving around. However, it is not just the well-known spots Mermaid visit; they also have their frontier diving trips. The Banda Sea is an area less dived, a pity since the biodiversity is excellent, and there is a chance to see sharks, rays, and even schooling hammerheads. A little local knowledge goes a long way in the Banda Sea, and Mermaid knows these waters better than most.


The Mermaid I travels to the real highlights of Indonesian diving, thanks to the intimate knowledge of the operator and crew. The biodiversity jewels at Raja Ampat and Komodo draw in divers with their huge reefs, swift currents, and big pelagic life. Mantas and hammerheads are a favorite encounter amongst divers in Indonesia and turtles, reef sharks, and rays. Further afield, leaving Ambon the Banda Sea is quite an adventure with the chance to see schools of hammerhead sharks.


Mermaid II is ideal for divers who want to experience the biodiversity of Indonesia. The ship has its own onboard library for research about the creatures you will meet on the reefs at Raja Ampat and Komodo. Guests can relax on the sundeck or cushioned platform and read up on the host of macro life at Lembeh and the schooling hammerheads of the Banda Sea. The ship departs from various locations regionally, including Ambon, close to the Banda Sea, where rays, sharks, and schools of hammerheads are on show.

Mermaid’s ships are all comfortable with a splash of tradition, but their intimate knowledge of Indonesia really puts them above the rest. The operator chooses the dive sites with great thought and selects its local guides just as carefully to offer an amazing diving experience.