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Specializing in cruises along the beautiful Croatian coastline, Katarina Line’s fleet of small cruise ships has a wide range of different itineraries and cruise styles to suit anyone keen to explore this stunning part of the world. For Katarina Line, Croatia has been home since 1992 and they have used their wealth of local knowledge to design the perfect Croatian experience for guests. Despite their long history in Croatia, guests will find that most of the Katarina Line fleet is luxuriously modern and well-equipped for their comfort and safety.

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Why Book A Katarina Line Cruise

The Croatian islands are known for their natural beauty and inimitable style, mixing the laid-back Croatian lifestyle traditions with comfort and luxury. From wine tasting in the elegant bodegas of Korcula island to excellent swims in the Blue Grotto, Katarina Line offers some of the best excursions and experiences in the Adriatic. Strong relationships with local producers and guides mean they can offer the finest in local culture and, of course, cuisine.

Premium Class

Embark on a fantastic small-ship cruise in Croatia with Katarina Line’s Premium Class, accommodating up to 42 guests on the Antonela, Dalmatia, Dionis, Jadranska Kraljica (Adriatic Queen), Leonardo, and Meridijan. Guests are informed about their specific ship two weeks before departure. These steel-hulled vessels offer fully air-conditioned double or twin cabins with ensuite bathrooms, storage, safety deposit boxes, and more. Enjoy daily buffet breakfasts, three-course lunches, a Captain’s Dinner, guided tours, and onboard olive oil and wine tastings. The cruises, departing from Opatija, Split, or Dubrovnik, provide seven unforgettable days exploring the Adriatic Sea, with swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing opportunities. Evenings offer a taste of local gastronomy and culture. Active cycling cruises are also available for exploring the stunning Dalmatian coastline differently.

Boat Name Description
Antonela An extraordinary naturist cruise experience on a 33-meter vessel with 18 cabins, exceptional crew, scenic itinerary, and daily swimming opportunities at smaller ports, making it a standout option among similar cruises with high-quality service and delightful Captain's dinner.
Dalmatia A 37-meter vessel offering 19 spacious cabins, island tours, an expert tour manager, and an exceptional crew, providing a top-notch cruise experience for 40 passengers.
Dionis A 42.50-meter vessel with a spacious sun deck, 19 air-conditioned cabins, accommodating double, twin, and triple options, praised for accommodating service, the Captain's dinner, and the chef's culinary skills.
Jadranska Kraljica (Adriatic Queen) A 40-meter vessel with 15 spacious air-conditioned cabins, praised for the ultimate vacation experience in southern Croatia, with a restaurant, two bars, and a salon on deck, leaving guests eager for their next trip.
Leonardo A reconstructed 1953 yacht with 13 cabins, a 140 m2 sun deck, and a unique, comfortable cruising experience for 26 passengers, equipped with modern amenities and private shower/toilet facilities.
Meridijan A 32.50-meter vessel with a 100 m2 sun deck, 19 twin and double cabins, and private shower/toilet facilities offer a comfortable and spacious environment for 38 passengers.


Premium Superior Class

Katarina Line’s Premium Superior Class offers intimate and comfortable Adriatic Sea cruises for 32 to 40 guests in well-appointed cabins with air-conditioning and modern amenities. These ships feature spacious sundecks, main salons with dining and lounge areas, outdoor lounges, and entertainment options like smart TVs. Complimentary leisure equipment includes dinghies, snorkeling gear, and more. The Katarina Line’s Premium Superior ships: Dream, Majestic, Moonlight, Olmissum, Paradis, Seagull, and Spalato. These versatile vessels explore various destinations, and guests are informed of the specific boat for their cruise two weeks before departure, with booking available online for a Premium Superior ship experience. Guests are informed about their particular ship two weeks before departure.

Boat Name Description
Dream A small cruise ship with attentive staff for up to 40 guests along the Croatian coastline.
Majestic A small cruise ship with an intimate atmosphere, featuring 18 cabins and various activities for 36 guests.
Moonlight A spacious sundeck and 18 ensuite, air-conditioned cabins for spectacular views of the Croatian coastline.
Olmissum A 34-meter vessel with 17 air-conditioned cabins, a 150 m2 sun deck, and amenities for 34 passengers.
Paradis Caters to 38 guests in 19 cabins, offering 'Southern Pearls' itineraries along the Croatian coast.
Seagull A beautifully former navy patrol boat, offering an intimate experience with 16 cabins.
Spalato An intimate cruise ship with a laid-back Adriatic vibe and exceptional service for up to 36 passengers.


Deluxe Class

Katarina Line’s Deluxe Class, consisting of Admiral, Adriatic Pearl, Aquamarin, and Fantazija, offers an intimate and comfortable Adriatic coast cruising experience for 26 to 38 passengers. These vessels feature fully air-conditioned cabins with modern amenities, main salons, outdoor lounge areas, jacuzzis, and swimming platforms. Complimentary leisure equipment includes dinghies and snorkeling gear, and some boats even offer kayaks, paddle boards, and a pool. Cruises are on one of these four vessels, and guests are informed two weeks before departure. The Deluxe fleet allows exploration of diverse destinations, from coastal towns to hidden ports, and online bookings are available for this unforgettable journey.

Boat Name Description
Admiral A panoramic sundeck, an onboard jacuzzi, and 20 ensuite cabins offer stops at historic wonders along the Croatian coast.
Adriatic Pearl A spacious sunbathing area, shaded lounge space, Jacuzzi, and leisure equipment, accommodating 36 guests in 18 cabins.
Aquamarin A classic-style ship with 19 ensuite cabins that can be arranged for twin or double beds.
Fantazija A blend of rustic wooden interior and Adriatic style, taking 38 guests along the Dalmatian coast in 19 ensuite cabins.


Deluxe Superior Class

The Katarina Line Deluxe Superior Class comprises 13 luxurious ships designed for exclusive cruising experiences along the Adriatic coast. These vessels accommodate 36 to 38 passengers and boast modern amenities, including air-conditioned cabins with private balconies, dining areas, bars, and outdoor spaces with sundecks and jacuzzis. They offer gourmet dining, entertainment, and complimentary leisure equipment like snorkeling gear. Personalized service by the crew is a hallmark of the Deluxe Superior experience. Cruises may take place on the following boats: Adriatic Sky, Adriatic Sun, Aurelia, Avangard, Ave Maria, Black Swan, Futura, Infinity, Maritimo, Markan, Nautilus, Rhapsody, and Riva; they provide unforgettable journeys to diverse destinations along the Adriatic coast. Guests will be informed about their specific boat two weeks before departure.

Boat Name Description
Adriatic Sky An intimate atmosphere, spacious cabins, rooftop jacuzzi, and modern amenities for up to 38 passengers to cruise the Adriatic.
Adriatic Sun Modern simplicity and elegance for up to 38 guests provide the best comfort and luxury to explore the Croatian coast.
Aurelia State-of-the-art equipment, attentive personal service, and 19 modern cabins, including VIP upper deck cabins with private balconies.
Avangard A sleek modern ship accommodating up 36 guests in double or twin ensuite cabins, featuring a lounge area and an onboard jacuzzi.
Ave Maria A bright and beautiful small cruise ship, taking up to 36 passengers along the Croatian coastline in beautifully decorated cabins.
Black Swan A stylish ship featuring a panoramic top deck, onboard jacuzzi, and 18 cabins, offering guests cocktails and stunning views.
Futura A cruise ship taking up to 39 guests on a tour of some of the most beautiful Croatian islands.
Infinity A small cruise ship with 19 double or twin cabins, including VIP cabins with private balconies, equipped for sunbathing and swimming.
Maritimo 38 guests in comfortable cabins get to enjoy panoramic views and fine dining on board while experiencing the best the Croatian coast provides.
Markan An onboard jacuzzi, plush dining and lounge areas inside and outside, and 19 spacious cabins, including 9 VIP suites with private balconies.
Nautilus Perfect for exploring the southern Adriatic Sea, visiting Croatia’s finest destinations, swimming in turquoise waters, and dinner next to Dubrovnik’s old town city walls.
Rhapsody It offers a luxurious experience in Croatia, with fully air-conditioned cabins, a spacious sundeck with a hot tub, and a swimming platform.
Riva The onboard facilities, such as a hydro-massage pool and a gym, allow guests to stay healthy and relax on the deck, enjoy a cocktail, and explore the Dalmatian coast.


Traditional Ensuite Class

Katarina Line’s Ensuite Class is a budget-friendly way to explore the Dalmatian coast, with boats ranging from 23m to 33m and catering for 20 - 38 passengers. Guests spend 7 blissful days exploring the shores, beaches, old towns, vineyards, and cuisine of the Dalmatian Coastline. Island hopping, swim stops, and beach walks make up the days, and evenings are spent at leisure, mingling with the locals and enjoying the local gastronomy.

Boat Name Description
Adonis A charming vessel featuring 14 cabins with various layouts, including triple and bunk configurations, and a 90 m2 sundeck.
San Antonio A luxury small cruise ship with a sleek, modern design with 18 cabins offering traditional double, twin, and single cabins.
Nikola A vessel with 30-meter length and 17 air-conditioned cabins, a spacious sun deck of 60 m2, and generous lounge areas for a memorable journey.
Panorama A charming vessel with 15 air-conditioned cabins, private shower/toilet facilities, and a 70 m2 sun deck for an enjoyable voyage.
Plomin A vessel with a capacity of 38 passengers, featuring 19 cabins with private shower/toilet facilities and a sun deck of 90 m2.
Toma A convenient cabin layout for a comfortable and engaging journey carrying 30 passengers in 15 cabins with private shower/toilet facilities and a 90 m2 sun deck.
Viktorija Carrying 32 passengers in 16 cabins with private facilities, all air-conditioned, and a comfortable layout.
Dalmatinka A vessel with 10 cabins with private facilities for 20 passengers, a 53 m2 sundeck, and a convenient layout for an engaging experience.
Labrador A vessel with 18 air-conditioned cabins and a spacious sun deck of 120 m2, offering 36 passengers an enjoyable cruise along the Croatian coast.
Lopar Featuring 14 air-conditioned cabins for 28 passengers, a spacious sun deck of 60 m2, and a convenient layout for a comfortable and memorable adventure.
Moja Maja A total of 24 passengers in 12 cabins, a spacious sun deck of 90 m2, and a comfortable cabin layout for a delightful small-ship cruise.
Amalia With 18 cabins, the Amalia can take up to 36 guests on a luxurious tour of Croatia's coastline, featuring a rear platform for swim stops and a spacious sun deck.


Areas the Katarina Line Cruise Fleet Covers

Most of the Katarina Line’s cruise ships depart from Split, Opatija, or Dubrovnik with the opportunity to visit these three beautiful cities, famed for their historical and culinary delights. Cruising along the Dalmatian coast, the cruises stop at many small quaint islands, such as Korcula Island, famous for its beaches, wine tasting, and rich local history. The Pakleni islands in the southwest are often stopping points for cruises thanks to their numerous beaches and small historic port towns.