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Inspired by a backpacking trip through Asia, adventure aficionado Bruce Poon Tip started up G adventures in his apartment in 1990. Feeling that the travel market was missing the opportunity for people to really get out there and have genuine, enriching and educational experiences Bruce started building expeditions for real adventurers. In order to reach some of the most remote and exciting regions of the world, a large number of the group’s expeditions were by ship. Not wanting to lose the small group, authentic feel that was at the heart of the company’s ethos, they offered only small ship cruises to some of the world’s most exciting and exotic destinations.

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The small ship cruises offered by G adventures were designed with the company’s policies of immersive and sustainable travel in mind. Their expeditions to the Galapagos National Park were created to provide education and enjoyment for guests in one of the most renowned nature reserves in the world.

Why Book a G Adventures Cruise

With their mantra of experiencing the world as it really is, off the beaten track and immersed in each unique place, a G adventures small ship cruise is as far from a generic boat trip as possible. The group offers a wealth of rich and even challenging experiences for travelers who want to see the Galapagos Islands in all their raw beauty. There are cruises to suit every level of activity from photography and gentle hikes to kayaking and snorkeling with sea lions and sharks. In the spirit of conservation and getting up close to the local wildlife, the cruises’ excursions are usually by foot, bicycle or kayak with the option to snorkel with the marine life around several of the islands.

Whether you are kayaking through the mangroves of Tortuga Bay looking for iguanas or sea turtles or hiking through the lava landscapes that make up the islands, a G adventures cruise lets you get close to the heart of the Galapagos. After a full day of this kind of adventure, guests will return to their small cruise ship with their group to rest, relax and of course, talk over the day's events. G Adventure’s cruise line now operates a number of small cruise ships in the Galapagos with styles and of course, budgets to suit a range of travelers. Aboard each vessel is a Galapagos National Park naturalist guide to a maximum ratio of one to ten guests. This means travelers will have the chance to ask questions and learn about every one of the miraculous things they see on the islands.

G Adventures Fleet of Small Cruise Ships


Cosy and welcoming, the Yolita is a small cruise ship that lends itself to a personal and sociable onboard atmosphere. There are only eight bright and airy cabins, accommodating a small group of 16 passengers on each expedition around the Galapagos Islands.


Upscale and beautifully designed to make the most of those breathtaking views that seem almost standard in the Galapagos, the Eden is perfectly equipped for guests’ comfort and relaxation. The ship’s deck offers panoramic views, and three of its eight cabins are on the upper deck, offering a bright and breezy space for resting.


Cruise the icy waters of Antarctica on board the Expedition. Her 134 guests can relax and unwind in the Polar Bear Pub, work up a sweat in the gym and sauna, and enjoy the large Albatross Dining Room. Sail through the Drake Passage and be amazed by the immense icebergs and breathtaking glaciers; explore the incredible scenery and witness the unique wildlife of Antarctica.

G Adventures Croatia

Sail the Adriatic Sea aboard the G Adventures Croatia small cruise ship. Her range of cruise itineraries includes combined trips to Montenegro and Italy and visits to Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Mljet, and Korčula. With just 8 passengers on the boat, this is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery and history of Croatia in a small group.

G Adventures Greece

The G Adventures Greece is ideal for anyone seeking to explore the Greek Islands in a small group and witness the incredible scenery around the Cyclades in Greece. Itineraries take up to 8 guests to some of the most well-known islands in the Cyclades such as Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, and Naxos. There are plenty of chances to explore the whitewashed villages, wander through ancient ruins, and swim in the crystal-clear waters. 

Areas the G Adventures Cruise Fleet Covers

With six small cruise ships available, G adventures are able to cover the majority of the Galapagos islands’ coast. Shorter itineraries can take groups to the rugged East, where the tiny volcanic islets are home to many coastal dwelling creatures such as penguins, flamingos and iguanas. Also, on seven to ten-day sailings, travelers can visit the lush western islands of Isabella, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz or focus on the central islands with trips up to remote Genovesa for serious birdwatchers and the chance to snorkel with hammerhead sharks.

Longer trips offer to take you to see both sides of the Galapagos, an enriching experience of both the unique topography of the islands and the distinct species that call these isolated environments their home. G adventures cruise fleet offers the unique experience of a 17-night cruise aboard some of their ships. These trips make a complete circuit of each of the main and several more remote islands, so you don’t miss anything.

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