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Founded in the famous nature-hub of Townsville, Australia in the 1980’s, Coral Expeditions Cruise Line have been specialists in the Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific for many years. Starting out as a small fleet offering trips to the famous Great Barrier Reef, Coral Expeditions quickly expanded to include Papua, Indonesia and Tazmania. The group specializes in the exploration of some of Asia Pacific’s most beautiful coasts and islands, taking guests to remote locations and immersing them in this stunning part of the world. In 2018 the cruise line was voted the best small ship cruise provider in Australia and New Zealand by Cruise Critic’s consumer platform thanks to their blend of friendly Australian hospitality and exciting expeditions to the region’s most famous and remote areas.  

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Why Book a Coral Expeditions Cruise

Coral expeditions cruises pride themselves on offering an immersive experience for their guests. Their small ship cruises have onboard lectures, film nights with relevant themes and many opportunities to socialize with other guests and enjoy a drink on the deck in the evenings. On Coral Expeditions small ship cruises guests can choose to relax and soak in the beautiful islands and reefs or take part in some of the activities on offer. Depending on the trip, snorkeling, scuba diving and sea kayaking experiences are all available. Coral Expeditions cruises are open to people of any age, families and solo adventurers with a diverse range of people to socialize and enjoy an adventure or two with.

Coral Expeditions Fleet of Small Cruise Ships

Coral Discoverer

Intimate with an emphasis on service and comfort, the Coral Discoverer is a small vessel with luxurious staterooms and suites. The ship has the feel of a bright and airy Australian seaside hotel, the perfect place to relax after a day out adventuring. At the heart of the ship, there is a breezy lounge with a circular bar for relaxing and spending time with your group and making new friends. The Coral Discoverer has 36 cabin rooms allowing it to take up to 72 guests.

Areas the Coral Expeditions Cruise Fleet Covers

Some of Coral Expeditions’ cruises are seasonal. In the summer months, the fleet visits the rugged coast of Kimberley. These expeditions visit Broome, Darwin and Ningaloo Reef as well as a host of remote topographical wonders on the way. The Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia’s most famous places, is accessible year-round. Coral Expeditions take guest on cruises to both the famous reef itself and the surrounding Ribbon Reefs where in addition to snorkeling and scuba diving guests can visit the beautiful beaches and rainforest. Further afield in New Zealand, Coral Expeditions offers small ship cruises to Milford Sound. Guests will have the opportunity to kayak with seals, dolphins and even whales. On land, bushwalks offer the opportunity to see the famous kiwi bird and experience Maori culture with local tribespeople.

Also popular in the summer months, thanks to the long warm days, is Tasmania. Famous for its natural beauty and rich culture, cruises in Tasmania are a thrill even for seasoned travelers. Those looking for remote adventures will also find Coral Expeditions travel to Papua New Guinea, West Papua, the Solomon Islands and Indonesia. Coral Expeditions takes their guests to the most rarely visited islands as well as the most famous. Many of these islands remain steeped in mystery with a unique and fascinating history.

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