Scuba diving in Mexico

Scuba diving in Mexico will leave you awe-inspired and ready for more. With options of up to 4 dives per day here, the country's rich coastline allows you to explore an underwater world like no other. Diving in Mexico offers up a wide range of sites and sea life to take in. On offer are dive sites with sharks as well as shipwrecks; whales as well as caves; and corals as well as crustaceans. Diving in Mexico will not leave you disappointed.

Mexico for scuba diving is a destination visited by many divers to catch a glimpse of the underwater sights here at Mexico's dive spots. Known by many as the place to dive, naturalists, dive enthusiasts and photographers will love what Mexico's ocean world has on offer. Best dive sites in Mexico like the Sea of Cortez are full to the brim with sealife an incredible option for those of us who love natures underwater giants. Whilst on one coast the Pacific you have incredible diving opportunities with the seasons bringing in different species; the other coast laying in the Caribbean Sea allows for year round opportunities to dive and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters that Mexico has to offer.

Dive areas in Mexico were once dived by many to collect pearls from the the bottom of the sea and provide livelihoods for the locals historically. Their methods were jumping in from a tiny canoe and diving down to collect the pearls from the bottom. The beauties we collect in our memories from our Mexico dive trips are are almost as precious as what the sea here had to offer back then.

7 Liveaboards in Mexico


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    Explore the Baja California Peninsular of Mexico aboard the palatial MV Valentina, a splendid 38m luxury liveaboard. Recently refitted, she offers divers all the necessary comforts and more.


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      The Nautilus Under Sea is the newest addition to the Nautilus fleet held Mexico. The 27m ex-research vessel has a few stories to tell while you dive among the whales and sharks of the Socorro Islands.

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        Custom built especially for scuba diving and scientific research, the very well-equipped 25m Quino el Guardian offers divers a superb platform for exploring the mega-fauna species of Mexico.

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        Marine Life In Mexico

        Dive sites in Mexico will give you a feast for your eyes with the amount of marine life you can see. Larger species are the feast for the eyes when scuba diving in Mexico. Expect to see sharks, whalesharks, humpback whales, hammerheads, giant mantas and even have the opportunity to dive with great white sharks. The incredible dive sites in Mexico have all manner of big fish to enjoy. If you are looking for smaller life you also won't miss out. Dive spots in Mexico allow you to spot schools of fish, swordfish and nudibranch a plenty. You will see angelfish, turtles and all manner of reef fish too.

        Best Dive Sites in Mexico

        Socorro This dive area is also known as Revillagigedo Islands and it sits off the tip of Baja California in Mexico, four islands make up this dive area: Socorro Island, Clarion Island, Roca Partida and San Benedicto. One of the best ways to enjoy the sealife here is to find a quiet sheltered spot and watch it swim by. You are likely to catch a sighting of sharks including hammerheads in large schools and silvertips. A cleaning station for giant mantas, this area will not disappoint. Underwater pinnacles make up the majority of the topography here.

        Guadalupe Mexico scuba diving opportunities are wide in variety and come no more unique than diving in Guadalupe. Off the West coast of Baja California, Guadalupe offers a great scuba diving opportunity to be underwater with Great White Sharks. Diving in a cage you will hve the best opportunity in the world to see these giant predators in their natural habitat. A great opportunity for photographers here too, as the Guadalupe dives offer the best visibility for underwater photographs of this incredible species.

        Sea Of Cortez Whales and large sea life are the big draw to the Sea of Cortez when choosing the best dive sites in Mexico. They arrive here in the winter months from Alaska to give birth to calves. This sea is full of life that can be appreciated when scuba diving. 850+ species live in the temperate waters of the sea of cortez. Incredible area for spotting all types of whale from sperm whale to pods of blue whales and giant manta rays reside here. Some of the first hammerhead sharks ever spotted were seen in the Sea of Cortez. Two main areas for diving here are La Paz and Cabo Pulmo. Scuba diving in La Paz will give you great opportunities to see hammerhead schools, sea lions and whale species. Cabo Pulmo is a reef site with lots on offer, along with the macro species found on the reef here: nudibranch and seahorses alike; you can also enjoy the big species from this site too including humpback whales, Giant Mantas and sharks.

        Best Time To Dive in Mexico

        SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Scuba diving Mexico is year round diving to offer on the Caribbean coast. On the pacific coast the dive areas are seasonal. Socorro is best dived between November and May for calm seas but to see whalesharks here arrive November or December and in the winter expect to see one of thousands of humpbacks that visit. Visibility is varied here based on the plankton but if you have plankton blooms you also have the chance of spotting more of the big fish! If it's hammerhead sharks you are after seeing then September and October in the Sea of Cortez is where you need to be.

        WATER TEMPERATURES: Socorro can offer temperatures of 21-28C so it is best to decide what suit you need to dive in. Whilst some might need 3mm shorty in these temperatures other divers might choose to keep warm in 5mm full semi-dry wetsuit. Guadalupe is colder at 19C- 22C and is best dived in August to October. The Sea of Cortez has its dive season from August to November and the temperatures there average at 27C during this time.

        Experience Level for diving in Mexico

        Mexico offers scuba diving for all levels of diver. If you are diving in strong currents or taking on a shark dive you may need to have advanced levels of diving. Be sure to check with your diving company the experience needed before booking any dive.

        How Do I Get To Mexico

        You can arrive in Mexico internationally through both Cancun Airport and Mexico City. To get to the Caribbean side for diving then Cancun is on the coast. For Mexico liveaboard trips departing from the West then San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas are the nearest ports/airports with direct flights either from US or Canadian cities or from Mexican cities.

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