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Explore Palau’s awe-inspiring WWII wrecks and barely visited reefs while aboard the 32m MV Palau Aggressor II. This world class liveaboard delivers up to 18 divers to sites in total luxury.

    Palau Aggressor II

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    The state-of-the-art liveaboard, the MV Rock Islands Aggressor is a 32m catamaran built for the smoothest exploration of Palau’s crystal clear waters. Dives are conducted from the excellent skiff.

      Rock Islands Aggressor

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      • Free Nitrox

      The beautifully crafted 40m SY, Palau Siren, was built specially to meet the demanding requirements of divers, to ensure the ultimate liveaboard experience for up to 16 guests.

      Palau Siren

      What to expect on a German Channel liveaboard

      Liveaboard diving to the German channel gives divers the chance to get up close with Manta Rays. The German Channel is sometimes said to be a natural occurrence, but this is not the case. This channel was created by the Germans in the early 1900's as they were mining guano (phosphate) in Micronesia and needed to transport it out of the lagoon into the ocean, which this channel then allowed them to do. It is located in the Rock Islands in Palau, East of Ngemelis Island and 37 km (23 mi) from Koror, so about 40 to 50 minutes by boat. The channel itself has extremely strong currents and a lot of boats which pass over it, so divers cannot go there, the dive site is located on the southwest mouth of the channel. Even though the visibility on average is very good, it depends completely on the tide. When it is incoming tide the visibility is best because lots of clear water is brought in, it is between 20m (60ft) to 40m (120ft) and with the outgoing tide which brings a lot of plankton and algae with it, the visibility is about 10m (30ft) to 20m (60ft). Liveaboard diving at the German Channel is suitable for all levels of diver, the overall area slopes from 5m (15ft) down to 40m (120ft).

      What You Can See

      The most popular attraction for liveaboards at the German Channel dive site is by far the Manta Rays. This is one of the best dive sites in the world to see and come close to Manta Rays which can have a wingspan up to 3m (10ft). They are very shy creatures, but here they do come quite close to the divers, however, the trick is to be patient and never chase them, as then they will not return. They will come and feed on plankton there at their feeding station but one of the best things you can see is the manta rays vising the cleaning stations. Here they will sit with mouths open and gills open to let the cleaner wrasses and butterfly fish clean everything, and absolutely great photo or video opportunity. Apart from the famous Manta Rays, this dive site has a lot more underwater life to offer including schools of black tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks, barracuda, trevally, snappers and many more tropical fish.

      Getting To German Channel

      To get to this dive site, or to get to any Micronesia liveaboards which will be visiting this area, then you will need to make your way to Koror, which is the largest city in Palau. The airport is located on the island of Babeldaob which is connected by a bridge to Koror . The airport is called The Roman Tmetuchl International Airport. There are only five destinations which have outgoing flights to Palau, so you would have to fly to one of these first; Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Guam. Once in Palau, everything is organised mostly from Koror, and any German Channel liveaboards will depart from the Malikal Harbour in Koror. It has been said that the best months to go are from December to June, however it is always possible to dive here.

      German Channel Diving Reviews

      Superb (out of 10) 10
      Average score from 7 Verified Review(s) Only people who have booked through and joined the Liveaboard can write a review.
      United States

      Beautiful channel!

      Diving German Channel in December on the Palau Siren
      Czech Republic

      German Channel is dependent on the presance of mantas; and we were lucky one time.

      Diving German Channel in November on the Palau Aggressor II
      Very good

      Nice, with the mantas

      Diving German Channel in December on the Ocean Hunter 1

      My second best dive...the currents take you along the way as you were into a aquaruium..

      Diving German Channel in June on the Rock Islands Aggressor

      No manta, but always see sharks

      Diving German Channel in July on the Rock Islands Aggressor

      I believe it was a night dive. Very good one.

      Diving German Channel in April on the Palau Siren
      United States
      Very good

      No manta

      Diving German Channel in April on the Palau Aggressor II
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