The best dive holidays for every diver.

spirit of freedom moored on the great barrier reef

Spirit of Freedom liveaboard on the Great Barrier Reef, a perfect dive holiday for new divers. 

What better way to spend a holiday than underwater, surrounded by all the incredible creatures that call the ocean home? Navigating the world of options for your dive holiday can be tricky however. Where should you go? How experienced do you need to be to dive a particular area? What if your partner or travel buddy doesn’t share the same passion for diving as you? Luckily, there are dive holiday options to suit every kind of diver, and every level of dive experience.

For anyone that loves diving, a liveaboard is a fantastic holiday option. Essentially, you dive all day and sleep on the boat, which minimizes travel time between land and dive sites. Liveaboards allow divers to access the really hard to get and remote sites (which are always the most spectacular) as there is no need to return to port each night. There are liveaboards to suit every traveller, from the more budget-conscious to those who want all the bells and whistles on a luxury vessel. At we offer dive liveaboards in over 40 locations, so the below is just a selection of destinations. Most dive holidays and liveaboards will state the required number of logged dives needed to dive in that particular area, and you can find this in the info section of each liveaboard itinerary, making it easy to pick your next dive holiday.

Dive holidays for beginner divers

New to diving? Welcome to your new favourite hobby! Whilst there may be some destinations with dive conditions that are out of a beginner divers experience level, there are plenty of fantastic dive destinations suited to every level of diver.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The iconic Great Barrier Reef (home to Nemo himself) is perfect for beginner divers. Warm water, visibility that often exceeds 25 metres and wonderful marine life all make it great for those who are newly certified. Boats such as Spirit of Freedom and Ocean Quest require no minimum number of divers to book, and friendly and experienced staff onboard will make any new diver feel relaxed and comfortable.


The Bahamas is perfect for any diver who loves sharks, and the easy conditions make this a suitable destination for divers of all levels. Diving with tiger sharks is a exhilarating experience, and these sharks will often visit Tiger Beach. Along with tiger sharks you’ll have the chance to see lemon sharks and Caribbean reef sharks, plus plenty of colorful fish life.

Dive holidays great for intermediate divers

If you’ve been diving for a while but are still looking for relatively easy diving conditions and amazing marine life, the selection of destinations below are perfect.

Red Sea, Egypt

A combination of warm water, great visibility and excellent marine life sighting make the Red Sea in Egypt great for those who are comfortable divers but not ready to head to places with harsher dive conditions such as the Galapagos. The Red Sea also has plenty of wrecks to explore, and chances to see dolphins and oceanic white tips while exploring pristine coral reefs.


Fiji is known for its spectacular array of soft coral. Drift dive through clear, warm turquoise water and be dazzled by the eagle rays, mantas, turtles and sharks that inhabit Fijian waters. Shallow coral reefs and drift dives make excellent dive sites for intermediate divers who are still learning the ropes of the underwater dive world.

Palau, Micronesia

Palau is one of the best dive destinations in the world, and offers a diverse range of sites. Snorkel in the jellyfish lake, where thousands of harmless jellyfish live. Diving at the Blue Corner is a must for any shark lover, and is the most famous shark dive site in Micronesia. Most liveaboards visiting Palau require between 30 – 50 logged dives.

Liveaboard for advanced divers

If you’ve got a hefty number of dives under your belt, the world is your oyster! There are so many wonderful destinations for you to book your next dive holiday. Destinations that are great for beginners, such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, are equally as suited to advanced divers, as there is so much incredible marine life. As an advanced diver, you can pick anywhere in the world for a dive holiday.

The Galapagos Islands

While some vessels, such as the Galapagos Sky and Nortada liveaboard, require no minimum logged dives to book the conditions of this diving mecca are suited most to those who are confident and comfortable in strong currents, deeper depths and cooler water. The harsher conditions are worth it though when mantas, schooling sharks and the myriad of marine life that can be found in this melting pot of biodiversity surround you.

Cocos Islands, Costa Rica

The iconic schooling hammerhead sharks of Cocos are a must-see for any dedicated diver, but there’s not a lot you won’t see in this part of the world. The area is a marine national park, and is only accessible by liveaboard due to its remote location. Because of this the marine life is plentiful and diverse, and Cocos is rated one of the best dive destinations in the entire world.

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