Orion 리브어보드, 이집트

  • 부터 US$ 114하루
  • 무료 인터넷 나이트록스 이용 가능
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New in 2017, the M/Y Orion liveaboard offers fantastic dive safaris in the Red Sea. Built by divers, for divers, MY Orion caters for up to 26 guests on board. There are 13 twin cabins available, each equipped with private shower and toilet facilities, storage space and AC. Nine cabins are situated on the lower deck, 2 cabins on the main deck and 2 cabins on the upper deck. For relaxation, there is a comfortable indoor salon and dining room with TV and music system, and a self-service bar with tea and coffee making facilities. There is also an outdoor lounge with a bar which is a great place to relax and enjoy the sea breeze with a cold drink at the end of a day of diving. There are also 2 sundecks, one shaded area on the upper deck and one open area with loungers on the top deck.

The M/Y Orion yacht has a spacious dive deck located at the back of the boat, with ample space for individual gear storage and kitting up. Two tenders accompany the yacht, making for easy drop-off and pick-ups from the dive sites. Itineraries on offer include exciting shark action at Daedalus Reef, the famous Red Sea Golden Triangle route which covers Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone and also 'North Plus' departures, which explore a large area of the Red Sea, starting from Elphinstone and travelling up to the Northern wrecks of the Thistlegorm and Dunraven.

For a fantastic liveaboard safari in the Red Sea join the M/Y Orion. Call us today or book online to reserve your space.

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포함사항: 부가가치세, 숙소, 무료 세면 도구, 공항 환승 및 픽업, 탱크, 웨이트, 벨트, 다이빙 마스터 서비스, 모든 식사, 수건 제공, 호텔 환승/픽업, 국립공원료

불포함사항: Flights, Egyptian visa, Dive insurance, Equipment rental, Nitrox (must be pre-ordered at least 1 week in advance), 25eur per person Port Ghaleb fees (if trip starts or finishes in Marsa Ghaleb - applied once per person per week

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보트 제원

  • 길이 38 m
  • 엔진 2x 610 HP MAN
  • 최대 수용 인원 26
  • 선실 수 13
  • 화장실 수 13
  • 연료탱크 용량 8 t

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