Dragon Dive Komodo 리브어보드, 인도네시아

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Catering to just 14 guests, the Dragon Dive Komodo liveaboard offers exciting dive trips to Komodo National Park. Dragon Dive Komodo is a traditional wooden phinisi build in 2017. There is a choice of accommodation available to suit all budgets. There are two dorms each with 4 single beds, one Deluxe cabin for 2 guests and 1 suite for up to 4 guests. Each cabin features air-conditioning and private en-suite bathrooms, the suite also has a private balcony. There is ample space for relaxation about the Dragon Dive Komodo liveaboard. The sundeck has comfortable loungers and hammocks, making it the perfect place to lounge with a book and enjoy the stunning surroundings. The covered outdoor lounge is an ideal place to unwind with a cold drink at the end of the day. Tasty meals of freshly prepared Indonesian and international cuisine is served at the open-air dining area.

Dive itineraries to Komodo with the Dragon Dive liveaboard are 2, 3 or 4-nights long. Explore North, Central and even the remote and pristine areas of South Komodo, where blue whales can sometimes be spotted from the boat and remote dive sites such as the 3 Sisters can be reached. All tours include trekking in Rinca to see the legendary Komodo Dragon, as well as beach visits and afternoon swimming and snorkelling.

Join the Dragon Dive Komodo liveaboard for a fantastic dive trip to Komodo National Park. Call us or book online today to reserve your space.

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포함사항: 부가가치세, 숙소, 탱크, 웨이트, 벨트, 다이빙 마스터 서비스, 모든 식사, 수건 제공

불포함사항: Komodo National Park Entrance Fees: (IDR 275,000 ‐ Mon to Saturday & IDR 325,000 – Sunday & Public Holiday) per person per day, National park ranger fee (Rp 90,000/Pax ); Alcoholic & Soft drinks (can be purchased on board); Travel/diving insurance (mandatory); Trekking Entrance Fees: Rp 150.000 per person; International & Domestic Flights; Taxi from/to airport.

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보트 제원

  • 제작 연도 2017
  • 길이 24 m
  • 최고 속도 12 knots per hour
  • 엔진 6 Cylinder Mitshubishi & 4 Cylinder backup
  • 최대 수용 인원 14
  • 선실 수 4
  • 화장실 수 4
  • 텐더 2
  • 물탱크 용량 6000 liter

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