SS Legacy 크루즈선, 알라스카

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The one-of-a-kind SS Legacy cruise ship offers exciting itineraries in Alaska from April - September each year. S.S Legacy caters to 90 guests in 45 comfortable cabins. Each cabin features en-suite bathrooms, TV/DVD players, bathrobes, toiletries, hair-dryer, binoculars and safety deposit box. There is a choice of staterooms available, from the Master Cabin on the main deck to the spacious Owners Suite located on the sundeck which features a separate sitting area, wet bar, refrigerator, jacuzzi and panoramic windows.

Social areas include a large dining room with beautifully carved wooden cabinetry and the 'Pesky Barnacle' saloon with viewing area, both located on the main deck. One floor above is the Lounge Deck with DVD and book library, wine bar and piano, leading out to the bow viewing area. The Bridge Deck is home to the sin deck with hot tubs, covered area and whole host of equipment including kayaks, fitness equipment, yoga mats and inflatable skiffs.

Alaskan cruise itineraries aboard the SS Legacy are 7 or 14-nights long and explore some of the best areas, including Glacier Bay National Park, Chicagof Island, Chatham Strait and Ketchikan. Get up close with Alaska's impressive glaciers, spot humpback whales breaching in Frederick Sound and search for black and brown bears, sea otters, seals, sea lions and eagles. Activities include kayaking, paddleboards, beachcombing, and for the more adventurous there are also fitness and yoga departures available, which includes beach and deck yoga, nutrition workshops and guided strength and training fitness sessions.

The captain and crew of the S.S. Legacy are geared up and ready to take you on your Alaskan adventure. Call us or book online today to reserve your space.

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  • Stand Up Paddleboard

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보트 제원

  • 길이 192 feet
  • 순항 속도 11 knots
  • 최대 수용 인원 90
  • 선실 수 45
  • 화장실 수 45

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