Sheena 船宿, 马尔代夫


24m MY MY Sheena是一艘马尔代夫船宿游艇,最多可容纳14位乘客,将带您一起探寻埃及南部环礁纷繁多样的海底生物。登上M/Y Sheena船宿,我们将携您一道探索马尔代夫纷繁多样的绝佳深潜圣地,包括梅穆环礁,南北马累环礁,甚至还有尚未开发的加福阿里夫环礁和费利杜环礁,精彩纷呈。M / Y Sheena上为您提供每天多达3次潜水活动,带给您贵宾级服务,您还有机会与鲸鲨,双髻鲨,蝠鲼水底共舞!

M/YSheena号一年翻新两次,给您带来极致舒适的体验,让您自在安适,称心如意。MY Sheena号上休闲区功能齐全,室内休息室宽绰广阔,还有四个日光甲板,上有遮荫区,您可以尽情在此休憩歇息。一日供应三餐,用餐区位于船尾,在大餐桌上为您供应“家庭式”餐点,您也可以在室内休息室内享用餐点,玉盘珍馐令您食指大动,齿颊生香。M / Y Sheena号上的9名的潜水导游和船员将竭诚以待,带您开启马尔代夫水肺深潜船宿之旅。




包括: 增值税, 茶&咖啡, 饮用水, 提供全餐, 沙滩烧烤, 零食, 潜水套餐, 陆上远足, 客舱毛巾, 甲板毛巾.

必选费用: 签证费用.

可选费用: 旅行保险, 潜水保险, 小费, 软饮料, 酒精饮料, 水肺深潜课程, 私人深潜指导, 租赁设备, 高氧课程 (180 USD), 浮潜装备, 洗衣熨烫.


* 额外费用是每人

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  • 相机站
  • 每日整理房间
  • 影音娱乐
  • 空调交谊厅
  • 冷气客舱
  • 日光浴甲板
  • 室内交谊厅
  • 温水淋浴
  • 户外用餐
  • 专为潜水打造
  • 充电站
  • 独立卫浴
  • 无烟室
  • 外部淋浴
  • 海景客舱
  • 专业当地和 国际船员
  • 休闲甲板
  • 观景甲板
  • 酒吧
  • 租船特许


  • 当地美食
  • 素食选项
  • 自助餐
  • 啤酒供应
  • 葡萄酒供应
  • 沙滩烧烤
  • 欢迎鸡尾酒
  • 提供全餐

如果您有特定的饮食要求,您可以在预订表格的第2步中将此添加到您的特殊要求中。 我们建议,这些要求仅限于宗教信仰或食物过敏。


  • DIN适配器
  • 提供高氧



船上提供深潜设备租赁服务,请在订购表格中填写您的租赁需求。 详细设备及价格信息请参照下文。 显示价格.


  • 建成年份 1995
  • 翻修年份 2015
  • 长度 24 meters
  • 最大船宽 85 meters
  • 最高速度 14 knots
  • 引擎 Deawo 600 hp
  • 最大载客量 14
  • 客舱数量 7
  • 浴室数量 7
  • 供应船 Diving Dhoni
  • 水容量 250 liters per hour
  • 淡水机 6000 liters per day


  • 全球定位系统
  • 无线电VHF / DSC / SSB
  • 救生背心
  • 火警和灭火器
  • 氧气
  • 急救箱
  • 搜索灯
  • 船员受过急救训练

Sheena 评论标题

  • 8.8 极好
  • 5 已验证评论
  1. 船只
  2. 船员
  3. 食物
  4. 深潜
  5. 价格
  • 8.8 极好
  • Christopher A
  • 英国 英国
As a regular visitor to the Maldives 25+ visits, mainly liveaboards, standards were comparable to other trips.

Grey reef sharks. Although currents not favorable as outgoing in channels. Time of year and luck of the draw. Alimathi jetty night dive with nurse sharks. Even after a fourth time, never disappoints.

Nice diving dhoni with toilet. Always drink a lot of water before dive.
  • 8.8 极好
  • Alexia J
  • 澳大利亚 澳大利亚
Wonderful trip to a unique and beautiful part of the Maldives

Channel diving- challenging but rewarding! The local boat crew and dive guides really made the trip - nothing was too difficult, and their experience of the reef was invaluable.

The friendly and endlessly helpful staff, amazing clear water and gorgeous boat.
  • 9.2 高超
  • Rui A
  • 葡萄牙 葡萄牙
Amazing! To be repeated!

Diving was amazing! Not suited for beginners! Food and boat staff were fantastic! The size of the boat makes everything more cosy.

Diving, food, people!
  • 9.2 高超
  • Samantha S
  • 加拿大 加拿大
Great diving in the south

Diving was phenomenal and most places there was no one else in site. The diving felt relaxed but professional and guest focused. I never felt rushed or like we were hurried through the dive by a bored DM. On each dive we would stay until a guest was low on air or the hour was up. Ali was always happy to be diving and very helpful but not obtrusive. On a couple of occasions one of us had a bit of trouble while swimming against a hard current. He was right by your side but waiting to see if you neede him or not. Boat crew was excellent offering help but not over eager. The staff on the boat were so attentive and considerate or your individual preferences. You really only had to tell them once how you liked your coffee! Due to a staff illness there was a crew change mid week, this was seamless. I would travel on this boat again and in fact can’t wait to visit again! Mantas and more as well as sharks tongue were my favourite dive sites. So special! Mantas and more is aptly named but sharks tongue should be renamed whale sharks tongue! Consider staying at the island resort for some extended diving!

Great staff truly a special effort made every day! Secluded dive sites. Relaxed atmosphere.
  • 8.0 很好
  • daniel S
  • 英国 英国
Southern Atolls at its best

Many reef sharks on almost every dive Eagle rays on almost every dive Huge Manta Ray at cleaning station Huge whale shark for 30 minutes Ghost pipe fish Turtles Superb staff right from the deck hands to the DM's and captain Excellent knowledge of the seas and dive sites, always felt completely safe

big palagics , very friendly staff, beautiful blue oceans