SS Glorious Miss Nouran 리브어보드, 이집트

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  • Panoramic windows in the Master suite
  • Clean and modern interior styling
  • Free Nitrox for certified divers
  • Free Wi-fi onboard

The SS Glorious Miss Nouran liveaboard is part of the well-established Sea Serpent Fleet operating dive liveaboards in the Red Sea, Egypt. It has 13 air-conditioned ensuite cabins, accommodating up to 26 guests. These consist of 1 Double Master suite with panoramic windows and 12 twin bed cabins. Cabins are located on either the upper deck or lower deck, depending on the type. The SS Glorious Miss Nouran is a modern motor yacht at 40mtrs/131ft in length, and it has a clean, light, and modern feel to its interior. There are plenty of social spaces around the deck areas, including a large comfortable indoor lounge and dining space on the main deck. On the sundeck and flight deck, there is more outside seating for guests to relax between dives or soak up some Egyptian sunshine. The Sea Serpent Glorious Miss Nouran also boasts a large spacious dive deck area with a dive platform where divers can store their equipment, get ready for dives and easily enter the water.

The Sea Serpent Glorious Miss Nouran Egypt provides a selection of great liveaboard itineraries in the Red Sea, taking divers to top spots such as Fury Shoal, Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, St. John’s, and Ras Mohammed, to name a few. The Red Sea offers amazing diving with chances to see plentiful marine life, healthy corals, and numerous shark encounters. For those who love wreck diving, the Red Sea doesn’t disappoint with the famous SS Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moeller, and Abu Nuhas.

Choose your perfect itinerary and book easily online today for your next Red Sea liveaboard trip aboard the Sea Serpent Glorious Miss Nouran.

This boat is part of the Sea Serpent fleet.

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  • 데일리 룸서비스
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  • 무료 인터넷
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  • 패밀리 캐빈
  • 오션뷰 캐빈
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  • 헌신적인 현지 및 인터내셔널 크루
  • 레저 데크
  • 전망 데크

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  • 현지 음식
  • 베지테리언 옵션
  • 뷔페식
  • 맥주 이용 가능
  • 올데이 스낵
  • 비건 옵션
  • 고급 와인 셀렉션
  • 무료 청량음료
  • 와인 구비
  • 세트 메뉴 디너
  • 고급 요리

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도면 및 보트 레이아웃

 플로어 플랜

보트 제원

  • 제작 연도 2021
  • 길이 40 meters
  • 7.5 meters
  • 최고 속도 11 knots
  • 순항 속도 9 knots
  • 엔진 2X1100 HP
  • 최대 수용 인원 26
  • 선실 수 13
  • 화장실 수 2
  • 텐더 2
  • 물탱크 용량 16 tons
  • 연료탱크 용량 20 tons
  • 담수 제조기 2x10000L

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  • 비상 플레어

SS Glorious Miss Nouran 리뷰

  • 9.3 훌륭함
  • 7 {0} 검증된 리뷰
  1. 선박
  2. 크루
  3. 음식
  4. 다이빙
  5. 가치
  • 9.2 훌륭함
  • Dmitri G
  • 노르웨이 노르웨이
A trip with good value

We went to Daedalus, Brothers and Elphinstone. The vessel is pretty new and cabins are nice. Crew was very welcoming and friendly. They made great food! Dive guides were knowledgeable and helpful. We saw a variety of marine life, I especially liked thresher sharks I have never seen before. Hammerheads were also nice. While diving far out (Daedalus and Brothers) was pretty good, there is no abundance of pelagic fish - some sharks and mantas here and there you have to wait long time to see. Reefs are not as colorful as in Indonesia and there is not as much pelagic life as in Galapagos. However, the trip to Red Sea is also much shorter and cheaper - so this was a great value!

Thresher sharks, new vessel and great food
  • 8.0 아주 좋음
  • Andrew D
  • 미국 미국
A great adventure with great food and a friendly and helpful staff

Diving the numibia wreck, searching for hammerheads (even though we didn’t find any)

The staff and crew were excellent, the ease of the trip was amazing and the value for the money was great
  • 8.8 굉장함
  • Matthias G
  • 스위스 스위스
good trip

Brother Numidia, Elphinstone

Crew and Staff, the Food was excellent,
  • 10 이례적임
  • Marc L
  • 캐나다 캐나다
Fantastic week on the sea serpent.

We spent 7 days on the sea serpent, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. The diving was world class. The boat is beautiful with plenty room for everyone. The crew is fantastic, they go above and beyond for the guests. I would definitely recommend and go ahead!

Amazing diving, great crew, brand new boat
  • 10 이례적임
  • Hamad A
  • 쿠웨이트 쿠웨이트

Abo nahas diving wreck big school of fish

Clean- high stander - helpful staff
  • 10 이례적임
  • Alex K
  • 독일 독일
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