Liberation 리브어보드, 필리핀

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For a budget liveaboard adventure in the Philippines, look no further than the Liberation. A custom-built outrigger, the Liberation is fully equipped for backpacker accommodation for dive trips to Apo Reef Marine Park, the Wrecks of Coron and snorkel experiences with Dugong. The large dive platform located behind the pilothouse allows for easy access into the water. Equipped with two large benches which hold 20 tanks and has gear storage underneath, the Liberation can comfortably accommodate up to 14 divers. Detailed dive briefings are provided before each dive by the English speaking dive guides who have a wealth of experience and local knowledge of the dive sites.

Topside, the no-frills Liberation provides comfortable sleeping arrangements in two dorm-style cabins with single bunk-beds, foam mattresses and hotel-quality sheets and pillows. There are two full-sized toiled cubicles to share, and whilst there is no running water on board, there is fresh water available for bucket showers. Toiletries and towels are provided, and a small generator provided lighting and charging power after sundown. Even though the Liberation is a budget boat, there is no skimping on the food provided. Hungry divers will be well taken care of with the variety and excellent quality of delicious snacks and meals available throughout the day. Vegetarian and vegan diets can also be catered to upon request. For relaxation in-between dives the top deck is open and perfect for topping up the tan. At night, the larger top deck is a great place to take a mattress and blankets to sleep under the stars.

The Liberation is a fantastic option for those on a budget that want to see all the underwater beauty the Philippines has to offer. Call us or book online today to reserve your space.

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포함: 부가가치세, 식수, 차 및 커피, 스낵, 풀보드 식사 플랜 (모든 식사), 다이빙 팩키지, 스노클링 장비, 육상 익스커션, 무료 화장실용품, 캐빈 타월.

필수 추가사항: 국립공원료 (2,940-3,530 PHP).

선택 추가사항: 다이빙 보험 (1,650-2,200 PHP 여행당), 팁, 공항 트랜스퍼 (150 PHP), 알콜음료, 청량음료, 개인 다이빙 가이드, 나이트록스 코스, 스쿠버 다이빙 코스, 장비 대여.

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보트 특징

  • 선데크
  • 비다이버(스노클러) 적합
  • 아웃도어 다이닝
  • 다이빙 전용 커스텀 제작
  • 충전 스테이션
  • 오션뷰 캐빈
  • 수중 카메라 전용 린스
  • 헌신적인 현지 및 인터내셔널 크루
  • 거의 일대일의 크루와 게스트의 비율
  • 전망 데크
  • 차터 가능

음식 및 음료

  • 서양 음식
  • 현지 음식
  • 베지테리언 옵션
  • 뷔페식
  • 맥주 이용 가능
  • 올데이 스낵
  • 비건 옵션

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보트 제원

  • 제작 연도 2016
  • 레노베이션 연도 2019
  • 길이 84 ft
  • 14 ft
  • 최고 속도 12 knots
  • 순항 속도 8 knots
  • 엔진 6 cycl x 2
  • 최대 수용 인원 14
  • 선실 수 2
  • 화장실 수 2
  • 물탱크 용량 1000 Liters
  • 연료탱크 용량 800 Liters
  • 담수 제조기 No

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