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Captain Cook Cruises is one of the premier small ship cruise operators in Fiji. Offering different cruise itineraries around the Fiji Islands and the option to do some scuba diving in the famous Fijian waters. The Captain Cook cruise group also bought the tiny island of Tivua and began their first Fijian boat trips, offering visits to their own private paradise island. In 1995 the Captain Cook Cruise line had the purpose-built Reef Endeavour small cruise ship constructed in Suva, to provide multi-day trips around the Fijian islands. The ship could provide longer expeditions to the more remote parts of the Fijian archipelago.

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Captain Cook Cruises started offering cruises and boat trips from Sydney in Australia in the 1970s before expanding into Fiji in the 90s. With the rising demand for small ship cruises in Fiji, Captain Cook Cruises continued to grow and offer longer cruises to new and exciting locations along the Fijian coast. In 2014 the Captain Cook Cruise line was voted Fiji’s best cruise line and the best Fiji experience in the country’s tourism awards. The cruise line has kept working tirelessly to offer new exciting itineraries and experiences and provide the very best in service to their guests in Fiji.

Why Book a Captain Cook Cruise

Captain Cook Cruises offer guests all the excitement and exploration their name would suggest, with a great deal more comfort and luxury of course. Their fleet and staff, pride themselves on providing not only excellent facilities and experiences but also the personalized service that make small ship cruises a truly special holiday for guests. The small numbers of guests give the crew the chance to really get to know and look after their guests. Whether they are bringing a refreshing drink after a long day’s exploring or providing information and local tips on sites of historical and cultural interest, the staff aboard are at guests’ disposal. Captain Cook Cruises are the intimate kind of cruise where you might even get to have dinner with the captain as a special treat.

Although they offer a very high level of service with luxurious ships and ample facilities, Captain Cook Cruises are sure to offer a package to suit a wide range of holiday budgets. Despite being small and personalized, some of the facilities aboard Captain Cook small ship cruises are more common on much larger boats. Spacious cabins, sundeck swimming pools, jacuzzis and onboard spas give guests the best of both worlds. Captain Cook Cruises has built up strong ties in Fiji with local crew members and suppliers for their excursions. The group is dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the Fijian islands and supporting the local island people. In order to support Fijian children, Captain Cook Cruises give a dollar to children’s charities for each cabin paid on a cruise.

Captain Cook Cruises Fleet of Small Cruise Ships

Reef Endeavour

The pride of the Captain Cook Cruises Fijian fleet, the Reef Endeavour was named after Captain James Cook’s historic exploration ship The Endeavour. The Reef Endeavour was purpose-built by the group in Fiji as a luxury small cruise ship. The ship can take up to 130 passengers in a variety of different cabin types, including staterooms, adjoining family suites and simple bunk-share cabins for groups. The Reef Endeavour is special in that it has the best of both worlds, all the facilities of a full-sized cruise liner but the cozy, intimate atmosphere of a small ship cruise. Facilities include an on-deck swimming pool, spa, gym and sauna room.

Areas the Captain Cook Cruises Fleet Covers

With so many beautiful islands to explore even a short cruise can be action-packed and fascinating. For those who have only a few days, Captain Cook Cruises offer cruises to the Mamanuca Islands, famous for their lush green forests and white sand beaches. Mamanuca has some of the most beautiful reefs and shorelines in Fiji for kayaking and snorkeling. Amongst the most famous islands visited is Monuriki where guests can see the location where the movie Castaway was filmed. Other short expeditions visit Naviti and the Yasawa Islands, taking in the spectacular limestone caves and blue lagoons.

Captain Cook Cruises’ longer expeditions take guests to explore the more remote islands of Fiji. Those with an interest in colonial history will find, beyond the Yasawa Islands, the world heritage site of Levuka. Once the capital of Fiji, this bustling town is steeped in colonial history and culture. Even more remote, the Lau Islands are home to some of Fiji’s most beautiful and untouched spots. These islands are particularly famous for snorkeling and diving. Thanks to their isolated position, the waters are crystal clear and teeming with colorful marine life on the long sheltered reefs