Catalyst巡游游船, 阿拉斯加州


“After seeing the wondrous glaciers , mountains, humpback whales, brown and black bears, incredible bird life, the last day of our …”

Gary M, 美国 美国

Beluga Galapagos号最初是华盛顿大学的一艘海洋学研究船。现在则是向东南阿拉斯加提供小型游船巡游之旅。Beluga Galapagos号将带您探索内部和东部的通道,您将有机会参观潮水冰川,穿过狭窄的通道口,就像先前的冒险者约翰缪尔那样或者是皮划艇运动,穿越充满冰雪的峡湾。亲身体验大自然,亲眼目睹这些神奇的野生动物,如棕熊,海豹,座头鲸和虎鲸。此次旅程您将经过渔村,体验偏僻的荒野。充满热情的Beluga Galapagos号船员,将为您展示阿拉斯加东南部所有奇妙的景观,这些都是数十年的经验积累的结晶。

Beluga Galapagos号拥有6间客舱,可入住12名乘客,位于主假板的6号客舱设有私人卫浴,号客舱位于下层甲板,在这之间设有一间浴室。Beluga Galapagos号所有的食材皆来源于本地,采用新鲜原料加工而成,还会有有机食物。

Beluga Galapagos号一定会为您提供一次终身难忘的阿拉斯加探险之旅。即刻致电我们或者在线预定,预留您的名额。

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  • 图书馆
  • 日光浴甲板
  • 室内交谊厅
  • 适宜于非深潜员(浮潜者)
  • 户外用餐
  • 独立卫浴
  • 船上配备皮划艇
  • 自然景观观赏行程
  • 自然学家导游
  • 租船特许
  • 博物学者指南


  • 西式美食
  • 当地美食
  • 素食选项
  • 啤酒供应
  • 免费软饮料
  • 葡萄酒供应

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  • 建成年份 1932
  • 长度 22.6m/74.7ft
  • 最大船宽 5.6m/18.4ft
  • 巡航速度 8 Knots
  • 引擎 6 cylinder 8×10 Washington Estep diesel 120 h.p. at 450 r.p.m
  • 最大载客量 12
  • 客舱数量 6
  • 浴室数量 3
  • 水容量 800 Gallons
  • 燃料容量 3000 Gallons


  • 雷达
  • 测深仪
  • 全球定位系统
  • 无线电VHF / DSC / SSB
  • E.P.I.R.B.求救系统
  • 救生艇
  • 救生背心
  • 火警和灭火器
  • 急救箱
  • 卫星和移动电话
  • 舱底泵预警
  • 搜索灯
  • 船员受过急救训练
  • 紧急照明弹

Catalyst 评论标题

  • 9.6 优秀
  1. 船只
  2. 船员
  3. 食物
  4. 活动
  5. 价格
  • 10 优秀
  • Gary M
  • 美国 美国
This trip was beyond expectations for my first visit to Alaska.

After seeing the wondrous glaciers , mountains, humpback whales, brown and black bears, incredible bird life, the last day of our trip we were able to encounter a pod of Orcas quire close to our boat.

The crew, the food, and the hikes/kayaking
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Scott B
  • 美国 美国
Memorable times in bear country

I selected the Catalyst because I wanted to be on a small ship with character. You'll never catch me on a cruise liner. I want to be 20' off the water...not 20-stories above it. A tour is only as good as your tour leader, or in this case crew. You couldn't ask for a nicer, friendlier, accommodating, down-to-earth group to spend a week with. If you are into fine wine and Master Chef dining you won't be disappointed!

1. Crew 2. Boat 3. Scenery
  • 9.2 高超
  • Bruce M
  • 美国 美国
Had a great time on the Catalyst

This trip was a family reunion for us. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy our time together while all of the meals and activities were taken care of by the crew. All of my family members enjoyed our time on the Catalyst and reluctantly disembarked when the trip ended. We wished we could have stayed longer.

The food, the crew, the activities
  • 9.2 高超
  • Daniel J
  • 美国 美国
Delightful Cruise

My wife and I just completed a delightful week on the small ship Catalyst in southeast Alaska. The nearly 90-year old ship has been kept in excellent, original condition and is very comfortable for the guests in the six cabins. The crew of four are each very talented and experienced in their special roles on board. Each meal was prepared from fresh foods by a creative chef, sometimes using natural vegetation we gathered from our shore walks. Of course, we were in Alaska and we not disappointed with sightings of whales, orcas, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and birds. On land many grizzlies and black bears showed us their lives and the spring blooms were colorful. Rising above the sea the glaciers and mountains were spectacular and the small boat was able enter little-seen fiords. Dan J and Star W

People, food, sights
  • 10 优秀
  • Max H
  • 瑞士 瑞士
Im kleinem Schiff umgeben von unberührter Natur jeden Tag aktiv geniessen.

Das Schiff, gemütliche Kabine, freundliche hilfreiche Crew Das Essen, abwechslungsreich, kreativ und auf höchstem Niveau gekocht. Natur, Glacier Bay bietet ausserordentlich abwechslungsreiche Einblicke in unberührte Natur. Aktivitäten mit Kayak oder kurze Exkursionen an Land zum Beobachten von Wildlife und Flora unter kompetenter Führung durch den Guide. Gesichtete Tiere: Wale, Wölfe, Bären, Seeotter, Seelöwen, Murmeltiere, unzählige Vögel. Die Reise hat unsere Erwartungen übertroffen, wir sind vom Erlebten überwältigt. Es war einfach alles Top!

Natur beobachten und aktiv erleben, Essen absolut Top, freundliche Crew
  • 9.2 高超
  • Eva A
  • 瑞士 瑞士
I had a blast!

Rainforest walk, kayaking, wales and other wildlife watching, glacier experience the mixed weather was actually great, the colors amazing! I loved the small boat It was great to watch the crew doing their work. - incl the chef at his cooking. Would do it again!

Group of people/stuff, activities, food