Dive Cruises

Liveaboard dive cruises are the best way to explore the underwater world. For any keen diver, a dive cruise is the perfect holiday option. Liveaboard dive cruises allow divers to maximize time underwater and see the worlds best dive sites. A liveaboard dive cruise is essentially an overnight boat trip, usually ranging from between 2 nights – 10 nights that moves between different dive sites. Divers dive, eat, sleep and repeat whilst on board, and many dive cruises are designed to cater specifically for divers.

The Phinisi; Thailand liveaboard
The Phinisi liveaboard

Because liveaboards do not return to port at the end of each day, they are the best way to access the most remote, untouched and wonderful dive destinations the planet has to offer. The worlds best liveaboard dive trips visit the most beautiful dive sites in places such as the Maldives, Komodo, the Similan Islands and Palau. There is nothing quite like falling asleep to the sound of the ocean lapping against the boats hull and waking up to watch the sun rise over the sea in one of the worlds best dive locations. Some of the most popular liveaboard cruises are the Siren Fleet, Aggressor Fleet and Mermaid Fleet, however there are hundreds of fantastic liveaboard options out there. Liveaboard.com is proud to be able to offer divers over 170 liveaboard dive cruise options, and these visit over 40 different locations around the globe.

Some liveaboard cruise operators will require divers to have completed a minimum number of logged dives before booking, whilst others are suited to all levels of dive experience. This is usually dependent on the location of the dive cruise. Remote destinations such as the Galapagos Islands are known for phenomenal diving but harsher dive conditions, such as cold-water, strong currents and deep depths, and these require a minimum number of logged dives to ensure the safety and enjoyment of passengers onboard.

Liveaboard cruises that visit destinations such as the Galapagos or Cocos Islands usually require divers to be at least Advanced Open Water Certified with a minimum number of dives logged. However, if you want to book a liveaboard and are a newly Open Water Certified diver there are plenty of fantastic destinations that are perfect for fresh divers, snorkelers and freedivers. Places with warm, clear water and easy conditions, such as the iconic Great Barrier Reef in Australia or the Bahamas are home to some of the most beautiful coral reef systems and marine life in the world, and with mostly calm conditions and great visibility they are excellent places to visit for novice divers and experienced divers alike.

When choosing a liveaboard you need to ask yourself a few questions. What marine life do you want to see? Where do you want to dive? What type of dive do you love to do, be it wreck diving, shark diving or reef diving? What’s your budget for the trip? Most liveaboard dive cruises are all-inclusive scuba-vacation packages, with food, drink and accommodation included in the price which makes them an excellent holiday option as most of the price is quoted upfront. 

Be honest with yourself about your level of dive experience. If you’re a new diver, there are some fantastic liveaboard diving options for beginners such as Grand Cayman or Thailand. Crew onboard are usually enthusiastic and passionate divers, who want to share the underwater world with others and are more than happy to accommodate divers with fewer experiences. Liveboard.com lists the minimum number of logged dives in the ‘more info’ section of each dive cruise, making it easy for you to decide which trip suits your level of dive experience.

Prior to departing for your liveaboard, it’s a good idea to create a dive trip checklist so you don’t forget anything you might need. Many liveaboard operators allow divers to hire gear when onboard or are more than welcome to bring their own personal gear. There are a few things you might need on a dive cruise, such as wetsuit and seasickness tablets, that are unique to this experience. We’ve created a comprehensive dive trip checklist to get you prepared!

Liveaboards truly are the best way to discover the most remote dive sites in the world, and a fantastic holiday option for anyone who prefers to below the water than above it. It is getting more and more rare to be able to encounter wildlife in a natural setting, and have mind-blowing experiences with marine life. A scuba safari is the best way to get below the surface and explore all the worlds best dive sites have to offer.