Snorkeling in Papua New Guinea

Snorkeling in Papua New Guinea

Snorkeling in Papua New Guinea affords you the opportunity to enjoy the tropical climate as you watch the life in the sea beneath you. Snorkeling Papua New Guinea is an incredible experience: lush green forested islands the backdrop to your adventure. This set of islands is situated North of Australia and East of Indonesia having as much to offer underwater as these two legendary neighbouring countries. Papua New Guinea is a country still with a close relationship to its tribal heritage. This can be enjoyed on any number of the islands here when in Papua New Guinea snorkeling. A snorkel tour here allows you to enjoy the tropical climate, see the underwater sights and take in everything this incredible country has to offer.

Marine Life In Papua New Guinea

On your snorkel trip to Papua New Guinea expect to see a great range of marine life. Find yourself snorkeling with all manner of species from moray eels to clownfish and the rare Rhinopia; from mantas to schools of barracuda. Get up close and personal with the reef gardens to catch a glimpse of the incredible array of nudibranches who make their homes here. You can expect to be awestruck by what the underwater world here has to offer a snorkeller. Due to the 3 major ocean currents meeting at this country's waterside the biodiversity here is spectacular and cannot be found like this anywhere else in the world. Take a camera to capture your underwater encounters.

Best Snorkel Sites in Papua New Guinea

Tufi Best snorkel sites in Papua New Guinea are often likely to include Tufi. The island creates Norwegian style fjords amongst a lush green rainforest. Cape Nelson here is one of many snorkel spots in Papua New Guinea to offer beautifully clear waters. Here you can expect to see many fish swimming over beautiful corals, turtles and all manner of tropical reef fish. This site also offers a nursery reef and your chance to test your juvenile species knowledge of fish identification.

North Manus This snorkel site in Papua New Guinea is situated on the North coast, a fringing reef with great visibility. Off the North of the Andra and Ahus island is where the best snorkeling is on offer. You can see many tropical reef fish and incredible corals in these areas.

Kimbe Bay Known for its huge corals this snorkelling site will offer incredible sights to take in. You can see large reef fish here and the best site to snorkel is Walindi.

Milne Bay Enjoy gorgeous beaches on this bay in the East Cape. Conditions here are great for snorkeling and scenery surrounding the site offers a great backdrop. Here you may spot some larger fish species drifting by.

Best Time To Snorkel in Papua New Guinea

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Liveaboards to take you snorkeling in Papua New Guinea are available year round and you can generally enjoy visibility of up to 150 ft. The best season to visit is the high season between May and November.

WATER TEMPERATURES: The coral sea will see temperatures of around 26 degrees celsius whilst the Bismarck Sea is usually around 31 degrees celsius. The warm ocean temperatures should allow you to spend a long time in the water here.

How Do I Get To Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea can be reached by many budget airlines from nearby countries including Air Niugini, Airlines Papua New Guinea, Pacific Blue connecting through Australia from Brisbane and Qantas Link departing from Cairns to Port Moresby. Once you arrive at Port Moresby you can either fly internally to Kimbe or get around most easily by boat. Snorkelling from a liveaboard will allow you perfect access to these amazing spots.