Scuba diving at Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

Scuba diving at Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

Scuba diving in the Truk/Chuuk Lagoon is a fabulous diving experience amongst a lush green set of islands in the Pacific ocean, and offers some of the best wreck diving in Micronesia. Take in the water's battle sites of World War II history with all the dive options Truk/Chuuk lagoon scuba diving has to offer.

The lagoon having two names one given post 1986. Chuuk is the site's native name. A 77 mile squares set of islands this dive site is full of WWII wrecks to take in. Dive tours in Chuuk/Truk lagoon with up to 4 dives a day you will have the opportunity to take in a variety of options for your dive. The best dive sites in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon include seeing WWII tanks with artillery guns, torpedoes, submarines, much of the naval forces in the area during WWII are now on the sea bed providing you incredible diving in Chuuk lagoon. As well as aeroplane parts and other warfare trucks. Scuba diving in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon offers a diving opportunity like no other: a chance to catch a glimpse of the brutal history of WWII. Japan's naval stronghold during the war, the area was clear of Japan's bigger ships before being attacked with an air strike from the Americans. The attack named Operation Hailstorm lasted 3 days and left 12 naval ships and 32 merchant ships underwater. It is now described as the largest graveyard of ships in the world. The forces from the Japanese side fought back resulting in up to 250 plane wrecks also being left in Truk/Chuuk Lagoon.

Marine Life In Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

When scuba diving at Chuuk lagoon you will see life all over the wrecks here. Due to the length of time these wrecks have rested here on the sea bed in these dive spots the creatures surrounding them are at home here. You will not go without seeing on you dive trip at Chuuk lagoon: hard and soft corals, pelagic sharks and all sorts of reef fish. The wrecks here are encrusted with beautifully coloured corals and groupers, barracuda and turtles can be found swimming around them on your dives.

Best Dive Sites in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

Pizion reef A wall dive for experienced divers on the outskirts of the lagoon. Beautiful corals line the edge of the deep blue. Enjoy catching a glimpse of the pelagic sharks at this dive site.

San Francisco Maru A wreck filled with ammunition, trucks, mines, bombs and tanks on deck. This wreck will amaze you. A site that shows how unfortunate the loss of these boats were to the forces of the war.

Rio De Janeiro Maru A large sized wreck. This boat has a large engine room that can be explored.

Upside down Zero shallow depth at 60ft plane wreck ideal for diving later in the day. This plane is a Mitsubishi A6M5 carrier fighter.

Betty Bomber Found at a depth of 50ft. Its code name Betty a Mitsubishi G4M1 attack bomber. 65ft long and a wingspan of 82ft.

Best Time To Dive in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: The best season to visit is all year round. Because of the shelter from the ocean currents in the lagoon the conditions tend not to affect the dive site options available. Dry season here is between December and April and wet season between May and November. The dive season runs throughout the year at Chuuk lagoon and each season offers different species. The visibility in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon is between 30' and 100' so can vary dependent on conditions. This will be taken into consideration by dive operators when planning the diving at Chuuk/Truk Lagoon.

WATER TEMPERATURES: waters here usually hover around 26 degrees Celsius. A temperature that could suit people to dive in 3mm shorty to a 5mm full suit for comfort on your dive tour. The Chuuk lagoon is often a calm water area though some sites here are known as drift dive options particularly in the outer regions of the site where there is a drop off.

Experience Level for diving in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon

Most dive sites in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon offer options for all levels of dive experience due to the calm waters. Some dives go deeper then 18m so learn to dive in Chuuk/Truk Lagoon as an advanced diver by taking a course here allowing you to dive deeper. A great place to take a wreck diving course as many of the wrecks offer opportunities for penetration.

How Do I Get To Chuuk/Truk Lagoon?

One of the best ways to experience the scuba diving in Truk/Chuuk lagoon is from a Micronesia liveaboard. Micronesia can be reached with United Airlines flights through Guam and Honolulu. From Guam it will take approximately 2 hours by flight to Chuuk direct.